Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gotta Go Through It To Get To It


  1. As much as I love your writing Sid, I normally tune out when it comes to doomsday predictions about how America is going down the drain. But the poll tax video completely dumbfounded me.

    I thought those lines were restricted to developing countries voting for freedom from dictatorship. I get irritated if I have to wait longer than 10 minutes. Shorter if the RSL aren't selling cakes and cookies in the line.

    Too late to join the "your electoral system is a complete joke" bandwagon??

  2. Why can't people vote absentee like I did on October 1st? and 2d, and 3rd, and 4th etc:) Yeah, I know they don't count the Absentees if the return address is from an undesireable neighborhood etc,etc, but is the satisfaction of voting in person worth a case of VD? and they've improved it since you were in practice, now even Kryptonite won't muss its hair. 285 Electoral Votes Sid, they might even re-name I-285 around Atlanta, the "John McCain Super Highway"

  3. The lines are long because the ACORN voters have to go through 8 - 10 times each.

    Remember--Obama was never, ever, ever affiliated with ACORN. Except when he trained for them, and when he gave them $800,000 for, uh...um..."get out the vote" purposes.

    Get it out, and out again, and out again...

  4. anonymous: that is such a tired old trope. The question is not whether Mickey Mouse votes, it's whether the Republicans manage to suppress tens of thousands, one of the ways to do which is to limit voting booths in certain neighborhoods. If you saw this and still believe that crap, then we're really wasting each other's time here. Which, of course, we most certainly are.

  5. Well, of course, no one believes that registration fraud would lead to vote fraud. Registration fraud is just for fun.

    The Mickey Mouse registrations aren't the problem--it's the normal sounding names used by people registering and voting the same day. You have heard that ACRON is being investigated, right?


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