Friday, November 14, 2008

Status Report.... And A Question


  1. feliz compleanos aqui! (sp) Yes we still need you. My husbands b-day also = 52

  2. Aaahhh, Sid, you've reached the age of wisdom, which confers the ability to trust what you know and the right to be a little curmudgeonly prn. I've enjoyed this age for 6 weeks. Happy birthday! And many thanks for the wisdom you impart here.
    Sherry Gardner, Psy.D.

  3. Happy Birthday Sid!

  4. Tillyke med fødselsdagen!

    Happy you got such a nice gift for the day!

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  6. Sid, please accept my belated greetings on Saturday.

    No wonder I feel a kinship to you.
    You are a Scorpio! My mother was born on Nov. 9, 1919 and my father on 11/11/1911.

    Several of the people who had an influence on my life were also born in the sign of Scorpio. One of those people was CNN commentator Larry King, who was born on November 19, 1933. He will be 75 years old this year.

    However, I'm compelled to add that I don't believe anything about astrology, other than that it's fun to run a radio call-in show with an astrologer, because there is little or no work involved! I used to host Frances Sakoyian, who was brilliant as a guest. Someone famous said, "Our fates are not in our stars, but in ourselves." Yet, I do fit the personality of a Gemini (May 31, 1939).

    Hope you had a good time yesterday. Thanks for the You-Tube link.

    EK (reposting to fix typos...)

  7. Hi Sid,

    I was sure I'd left you belated greetings. Regrettably, they did not appear in this thread.

    Happy birthday, Scorpio guy -- hope it was festive. You join the other folks in my extended family and friends who are born in your sign. I am in Gemini, and I do not believe in astrology at all. However, but it filled many hot July weekend afternoons in Miami and long cold nights in Boston. Those were the times on the radio when I couldn't buy a telephone call!

    Thanks for the neat link. I sang the same song about five years ago. At least my husband still needs me for making the bed, cooking dinner (except when we go out), and washing his clothes.

    Some days I ask myself --
    is it monogamy or monotony after almost 37 years of wedded bliss...

    My Mom, born on November 9th, and Dad, born on 11/11/11 lived with each other for 41 years. I called that "wedded BLITZ"...



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