Friday, January 29, 2010

Fear Unbalanced

Funny. President Obama goes to a Republican Congressional retreat, speaks, answers questions, in a way unseen before on television. It was, of course, on C-Span, and other networks. Fox "News" was broadcasting it, but cut away 20 minutes early. Gotta love it. Word is, the President was doing too well, being forthcoming but tough, pointing out falsehoods. The sort of stuff, you'd think, the network of "We report, you decide" would consider central to its mission. Yeah. Right.

So for you Fox followers out there, prevented as you were (per usual) from seeing the whole picture, the video is here and here; the full transcript is here. In regularly missing out on so much, you have my sympathy.

Afterward, Republicans said they'd made a mistake in allowing cameras (the very same who complained about lack of "transparency" in the health care bill. In that very meeting! Who'da thunk?) Reasonable people, on the other hand, said it was the most compelling political television ever, and that they should do it monthly. I'm with them.

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