Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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As usual, Jon Stewart nails it. The Democrats are pathetic. With a loss in Massachusetts, they'll still have an EIGHTEEN VOTE MAJORITY!!! and they're unable to pass healthcare???

In 2008 the voters swept Obama into office and gave him huge majorities in Congress. And yet the minority, with its lies distortions and obstructions (not to mention the help of the cosmically embarrassing Democrats), wins.



  1. All they had to do was vote. They had 60 votes--why not just pass what they wanted? Hard to blame that on the Republicans. Lies? Did they tell the dems they weren't allowed to vote? Hmmm.

    Now, they didn't have to vote or anything on allowing the public to see the healthcare debate, as promised. But they didn't. Another Republican lie, somehow?

    Didn't need any Republicans to tell the truth to keep unemployment under 8%. But what happened there? Republican lies? Obstruction?


  2. Uh, jd, this was a post about how stupid and ineffective the Democrats are. Are you disagreeing with me? Are you, like the RWS™ with respect to Obama, unable to see when I'm saying something you agree with? And have you read my criticisms of Obama and his priorities in the stimulus plans?

    You're a beaut, jd. You're like Beck who imagines concentration camps, Rush who sees Obama exploiting Haiti. There's nothing he could do they'd approve of. Likewise, there's nothing I can say, even when I'm critical of "my" side, that you can't sneer at.

    I'll cut you slack: you and yours have no familiarity with self-criticism, so you have no basis for recognizing it when you see it in others.

  3. This was hilarious! I linked it. Hope you don't mind what I wrote. will take it down if you do. Nothing bad.

  4. Oh and dear Dr S..I don't comment much because I don't know what you will censor with what I write. i actually spent hours responding to both of your religious posts but then just kept in drafts.

    But I do read.

    And I do disagree.

    Oh ..the Roberson comment should *never* have been made. That was just wrong.

    I liked Huckabee's answer when Geraldo asked him to comment on Pat's comment and his over all view on things.

    But ..Robertson's Christian organization "Operation Blessing" has done so much *good*around the world for years... including in Haiti with aid and missionaries.

    Maybe he's getting a bit senile?

  5. Nope, not senile. He's been making comments like that for his whole career. His mental issues are of a different sort.

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