Monday, January 25, 2010

Heraldic Comment

Anyone who comes here because of an article in the Herald might want to zip past the two posts below this, to get a better idea of the blog...


  1. Kudos to the San Jose Merc for refusing to print the name of the Bible-belt church or its followers' names, save, I imagine reluctantly, its spokesman's.

    Severe, unrelenting grief in our town over some teenage children who have succumbed to depression or in the latest case, schizophrenia, in the hardest way possible. And now that group that claims to be Christian--but who utterly deny the compassion taught by Christ--have announced that they are going to picket OUR KIDS *AT* SCHOOL to tell them they're all going to hell and that they deserve the suicides of their friends for not being believers. (How the heck do they know what any kid there believes?!) After all, Californians are too tolerant of gays, right?

    And then they say they are going to picket the Jews at Stanford just because, well, hey, you know, they're Jews. (Heads-up, guys: so was Jesus. Shocking, I know. And who do you think risked their lives to write and preserve that Bible you're waving?)

    They are hate-mongerers in Limbaugh's image, trying to assert power over people in pain.

    And after thinking about it all day, all I can do is pray, Father, forgive them: for they know not what they do.

    They couldn't possibly. That would require empathy. All they own is fear. It's so sad.

  2. What are you talking about here?

    Whatever it is ..they do not represent true Christians.

  3. The group that celebrates when gays are murdered, that protests at soldiers' returning coffins and at military bases, that hails from Kansas, whose leader is a disbarred lawyer. They are far-right political and religious extremists, and they think they represent a lot of people.

    As for their demonstration, yeah, I was pretty upset beforehand, but the community counter-protested with love, on posters and in practice. A bagpiper at Stanford played "Amazing Grace." Well done.


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