Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Can You Tell Fox Is Lying?

When any of its lips are moving, right?

To my readers who claim Fox "News" is a reliable source: above is the sort of bullshit that comes from there every day, unquestioned by its people, let alone its listeners.

There's nothing President Obama could have said that would have drawn from them a good word. Check out an example of Congressional Republicans when the president proposed actual conservative ideas.

We are totally, completely, thoroughly, irreparably screwed. And it seems every single Fox viewer thinks that feeling in their gut is chocolate pudding.



  1. Jeez Sid, good thing you don't any Guns, and if you've got a bottle of Tylenol...DON"T DO IT!!!, Acetaminiophen Toxicity's a bad way to go...
    I don't even watch Fox News except when my Attention gets distracted by the Eye Candy while I'm Channel Surfin, especially that hot Jamie Colby (Did You know She's an Attorney?)
    Check out just Plain Old Fox, its got some great shows to cheer up even a crusty old coot like you..
    If you can watch 5 minutes of "Glee" without breakin into Song maybe you SHOULD see if Kevorkians in your Network.


  2. Well, Frankie, I must admit I like the idea of you breaking into song watching "Glee." Please tell me you put on a tutu...


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