Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rachel Calls Bullsh*t

While we're at it, this is revelatory, as well.

So is this.



  1. Isn't it Ironic that even with a Democrat President, Senate, and House, Rachel couldn't join the military and guard terrorists in Guantanamo even if she wanted to, cause the "Don't ask, Don't Smell"
    policy is still in effect... Who was the evil Fascist who instituted that policy anyway?? Nixon? Reagan? Bush?... I know, Barak(Peace be upon Him)'s only been President a year...he's had other things on his plate...


  2. YES!!!!

    TaRaRaBOOM-DeAy! I've had my Cheney bashing today. And I feel good, really good, Doc.


  3. Hi Frank, glad to see you haven't lost your touch. I say tomato, you say egg salad.

  4. Sid,
    it ain't Cheney who's keepin Git-mo open.....

    or continuing "Don't Ask Dont Smell"

    and not that it's any of your Bee's Wax, but I HATE egg salad.

    Tomatos too..


  5. Bush & Obama seem to be fairly similiar (their actions, not words)regarding national security to me. Based on what you hear from both sides of the media, they are polar opposites.

    The real issue is not to blame someone here, but to correct the problem without unecessarily taking liberties from law abiding citizens. Both sides of the political spectrum are doing the citizens a disservice by using events like this to score political points.

    Our intelligence agencies did a good job of compiling intelligence because the Nigerian was on a list...some list...somewhere. The breakdown was UTILIZATION of that intelligence.

    Both close calls (miracles, really) were on international flights into the US (The shoe bomber and the Nigerian). Bush dropped the ball by not addressing this issue, but Obama is just as guilty for not addressing security on international flights into the US. If you're a "glass half-full" type, then one could say Bush did a good job setting up intelligence gathering capabilities, and now Obama must make sure that that info gets to the proper people.

    Unless a politician or media member is talking about how to disseminate intelligence immediately to those who need it, all I hear is white noise.

    Precordial Thump


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