Friday, September 18, 2015

Good Point

It's not original with me, but it's a point I haven't seen made very widely, with regard to the kid in Texas who made a clock, got cuffed and hauled to jail because "they" thought it was a bomb.

They didn't think it was a bomb. They knew it wasn't a bomb. Else they would have evacuated the school. Else they would have called the bomb squad. Else they would have taken the kid and his clock somewhere other than the principal's office with four cops in it.

So, why, I wonder, did they do what they did? Whatever else is true, we know it had nothing to do with the kid's skin color, or ethnicity, or religion, because this was Texas and they like nothing so much as religion in schools. Plus, down there there's no racism. There's no racism in America at all, which is why it's okay the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act.

And we know this, too: when our president invited the kid to the White House with all those colored folks in it, he was being divisive. We know this because a Palin has told us so, and they almost lived there themselves.

So I guess it's just one of those things...

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  1. They even admit that they arrested the kid AFTER they had determined that the clock wasn't a bomb.

  2. Hello Dr S. - What if it was a bomb, but the school didn't act and people were harmed? I understand the initial concern. However - one would think they also would've followed through with the bomb threat protocol if true.

    I commented about my feelings on racism accusations but removed them. Not trying to start anything ...but this divisiveness being fanned by the administration and others is incredibly detrimental to our country/people. I am grateful that Dr Carson calls for unity and I hope some that might be tempted to join the rioting or killing police will be inspired by him. There are other people of color that have been speaking out against the divisive tactics we all see occurring but they are not covered my the MSM because it doesn't fit their agenda.

    I think it is nice that the president had Ahmed come to the White House. A great show of support. I also think it would've been nice if the family of Kate Steinle was invited and he came out to condemn the prison releases of thousands of *dangerous* illegal aliens, sanctuary cities and the enforcing of our immigration laws. or if he invited police officers and their families to stand up there with him while he condemned the killing of police.

    This president could have such a powerful impact for good in these areas.

  3. I guess you missed what I wrote, SeaSpray: they acted, all right. They acted KNOWING it wasn't a bomb but arrested the kid anyway. In no way did they ACT on their "belief" that it was a bomb. But why should I repeat myself? I already said it. They even, as Prof. Chaos has said, acknowledged they knew it wasn't a bomb. So why did they ACT in the way they did? If they thought it was a bomb and didn't evacuate the school or call the bomb squad, weren't they criminally negligent?

    "Divisiveness" by this administration is a pretty tired Foxification, SeaSpray. What it means is that whenever Obama or anyone in his government speaks out against actions people take, it's divisive. Not the actions. The speaking out. Not the fact that from day one your party committed to -- and has admitted it -- blocking everything Obama did, no matter if it was good for the country or not. If, as you've claimed, you rely on sources other than Fox "news" you know this to be true. THAT'S divisiveness. For someone who says she's not "foxified," you sure repeat every claim they make. It's Obama who's divisive; not the ones claiming he's a Muslim, a usurper, a non-citizen, a terrorist sympathizer. Not the people who believe there are reeducation camps all around the country. Not the ones who thought -- including the governor of Texas -- that Jade Helm 15 was a plot to take over Texas and imprison its people in caves under WalMarts. Nope. Not divisive at all. No sign that there's anything on your side of the fence that's been fuelling the hatred. No racism, that's for dang sure. It's all on Obama.

    Dr Carson is a hero because he called Obama a "psychopath." And doesn't like divisiveness. He's said the ACA is the worst thing since slavery. And he's against divisiveness. He says Planned Parenthood is committing deliberate genocide against blacks. And is against divisiveness. But he likes to tell us how much he likes God, how he'll use the Bible as his tax code, how evolution is false. "Gimme a break," he says, in unity. But it fits your world view, so he's the bomb. (Yeah, by golly, a bomb.)

    When a black guy says there's no racism he's a hero to the right. He's also blind, and fact-free. Blind and fact-free people paraded their views on CNN the other night. Have you read about their lies? About Fiorina's? Were they covered by your "news" sources, or doesn't that fit their agenda?

    Weird that of all the stuff I've been writing about the insanity of today's version of a formerly great party, you choose to chime in on this pretty small thing. Sigh. We're so screwed.

  4. Hi Dr S. If you *look at my first paragraph you will see I was in agreement with you about his arrest.* I just said I understood the initial reaction, considering the violence concerns we have in our school systems today. Btw - they overreact with white children too ... a lot younger than Ahmed. Are they also racist against little white children? Yesterday ...for the 1st time I heard about how schools are having realistic lock down drills and scaring the children. I think in Charlotte (?) they locked the doors, pulled shades down and huddled children in a corner - terrified people from the outside tried to forcefully break in. It used to be that they just checked to see if doors were locked. They aren't to come out even when they hear the fire alarm go off. In another school, H.S. Students reenacted a terror attack with law enforcement and it was so realistic they still felt very scared. And in another school parents received a letter telling then to send gallon Ziploc bag filled with food in case their child is detained there due to an emergency. What in the world is going on these days? Do you remember when you felt your child would be safe in school?

    Anyway ...I understand the rxn. Last night I saved a bunch of links for you to see where white children were also harmed because of overreaction and inappropriate, far beyond reacting to something that did look like a bomb. A paper gun, Pop Tart gun, finger gun, etc. However, you can research that yourself if you are interested. Sadly, there are plenty of videos to view. Oh and one was from Huffpo - yet no one cries racism. *Nor should they.*

    I will give you a link to an article from the Friday's NY Post. There is a video of Ahmed explaining the incident at the end of the article. Interestingly he says,"I closed it with a cable. So, cause I didn't want to lock it to make it seem like a threat, so I just used a simple cable. So it won't look that much suspicious" So ...even Ahmed KNEW it had the potential to look suspicious. (I only see this now)

    So I ask you, Dr. S ...if even Ahmed perceived it's potential to cause suspicion and given the current climate of overreaction by school systems to punish and make examples of 5 and 7 year old children over paper guns, etc., isn't it understandable that the school authorities were initially concerned? Or after hearing Ahmed's remarks (if he indicated he thought it looked like a bomb) that they would want to question him further?

    I hadn't heard about Alex Stone. (In article.)

    Here is the link to yesterday's NY Post article:

  5. It's understandable that they'd be concerned, SS. But it's not understandable how they reacted if they were. Two classes, two teachers saw no problem. Never called the bomb squad, never evacuated the school. Far be it from me to be repetitious, but there's no consistency between how they treated him and their level of suspicion. That was my point. If they thought it was a bomb, or that it might be, fine. But what they did about it says that either they're incompetent, or liars, or both. Is THAT understandable, too?

  6. I agree. I give him a pass because he is a kid ...but since he was aware that it had the potential to look like a bomb a perfect world he wouldn't have made it that way. And his parents would've stopped him if they saw it. But it's not a perfect world. What do you think of my point that plenty of white children have been singled out and not for racist reasons. What did you think of the article? Valid points were made.

    I was in 2nd or 3rd grade when we had drills to go into the hallway and crouch against the wall with our heads down because of the Cuban missile crisis. I don't recall being afraid. But this reality lock down stuff would've scared the heck out of me. If I were raising our boys all over again I would seriously consider home schooling, but with social interaction, i.e., sports and other extracurricular activities. Or work like crazy to have them in private schools. Although ...maybe they do it there as well.

    I will hold back with my other response to your first comment to me because I want to go back outside as it will be getting dark fairly soon. It really feels like fall today.

    I'll just say thank you for my 1st LOL of the day. It was predictable that you would use the "Foxification" word because I couldn't possibly read other sources, etc. You didn't disappoint. I actually think that is a great term you coined. Just not true of me. :) I have tired of them as well. I will check things out with them every so often but I see that even they don't tell everything like it really is or go into depth and they also promote their agenda. I really like Judge Jeannine - weekend show. Thanks to her I learned about the dangers of an EMP attack and more. But I am mostly a radio/podcast fan because I can keep doing things while listening. And speaking of that of my favorites is news reporter AAron Klein.

    I listen to Aaron Klein on streaming radio - Sunday nights - 7-9 pm est.

    You can always check out his sources. He is an independent and reports the way all news media should - with the facts. I've heard him take politicians on both sides to task. If only all journalists reported as he does ...facts without bias. Another one - I read is Wallid Shoebat. Anyway's a good thing we do not have to rely on limited sources for our information. Drudge - everyone goes there. And he has all the other links below his news. Brigitte Gabriel another one.

    I trust Muslims that have lived the life and know the culture that are trying to warn us of the danger we are in more than PC and/or ignorant politicians who do things for their own political gain best. Reformist Muslim, Zuhdi Jasser. Activist, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. All good Muslim people trying to warn us. Conservatives listen to them and take their warnings seriously. Why don't progressives do the same?

    I am wondering if we could stop this "FOXBECKIAN" stuff. And I'll stop thinking you are a die hard MSNBC junkie. I recall a post you wrote several years ago in which you commented about an article you read that stated liberals and conservatives brains were different. I don't recall all of it. But for all the times you dismiss me because you assume I'm brainwashed and can't think for myself because of FOX ...I can just as easily turn that around on you and assume the same because of your sources. We really do need both wings to fly the Eagle.

    The race issue is too much to get into right now. I am so concerned about the police right now too. And that we are on the verge of civil unrest - again ...thanks to this administration, etc. It did not have to be this way. But it is.

  7. This is typical of our conversations, SS. You perseverate on an irrelevancy, and ignore the point I'm making. If I say it again will you notice it or address it? Here, I'll write it in full caps, italicized, and bolded:


    And, yes, white kids have been suspended for bringing squirt guns and knives. But that's because they were "guns." And "knives." Do you know of white kids suspended for bringing a clock and announcing it was a clock?

    And, as I've said a million times (which means you won't have noticed) I don't watch MSNBC. Haven't in at least five years. Wy? Because I don't need to hear repetition of what I already know or believe. I don't listen to "liberal" talk radio, such as it is. I subscribe to paper and online versions of actual news sources; and I get info from about a dozen websites that do actual reporting.

    And I guess you don't think there's any explanation for civil unrest that lies in the constant claims of right wing media that Obama wants to destroy the country, that he hates America, that he's coming for your guns, building re-education camps. No blame there at all? You don't think violence against cops (which, believe it or not, is lower than during Bush) has anything to do with reactions to the stuff we've been seeing on videos? That, in fact, a reason there's more is that until a few years ago, no one was carrying videos around? That they're not getting away with stuff they used to, and haven't figured it out yet? My neighbor is a cop, best neighbor ever. I don't justify violence against cops any more than I justify violence by cops against unarmed women who swear at them. But

    Again, SS, this "bomb" thing is such a small issue compared to the way your party has thrown its support behind a bunch of liars, deniers, and dividers. Religious zealots. Deceivers. Shall I provide links to the long, long lists of their idiocy? Would it matter. Is there any point at which you'd be embarrassed by these people? Not even Donald Trump? Carly Fiorina who, like Reagan, can't tell the difference between imaginary and real things? Do you think our foreign policy ought to be based on spending even more on the military? Building up the Sixth Fleet, already bigger than any other navy? Do you still believe that tax cuts for the wealthy will trickle down to the middle class? Do you agree with cutting spending on early childhood education, nutrition, child care; and with the programs certain to cause even more unwanted pregnancies and abortions, illegal or otherwise?

    I'm pretty sure you don't believe in man-made climate change, or evolution. I hope I'm wrong, because if I am, there's some hope you could think about some of those things, away from the noise, and consider why you support anyone currently up for grabs on that side. If I'm right, we're both wasting our pixels. Foxified or not.

  8. And by the way, I've posted about several different studies that concluded there are differences between liberal and conservative brains, and they're all pretty much the same conclusions: liberals are more open to facts, to new ideas, and less likely to respond to stimuli with fear and anger. None of them suggest why it is, but they all find the same things. My theory, as I've written, is that there was a time in our evolution that we needed gut-reactors, people who'd see danger everywhere, because there was danger everywhere. Maybe it got us where we are. Now it's getting in the way.

    And another thing: that you describe Aaron Klein as "independent," when he works for the most insane, conspiracy-promoting website there is, "World Net Daily" (have you read comments there?), when he wrote "Fool me twice, exposing Obama's horrible plans for his second term" (not a direct quote but very close), none of which has come true, you expose yourself pretty nakedly. Really: Foxified or not, you don't seem to have any ability to judge when you're being fed a load, and why. But, of course, you're hardly alone. There's a whole national party predicated on getting you riled up over the wrong stuff so you'll ignore what they're actually trying to do. Seriously. It's true, SS, and you'll never see it. You'll never even try.

  9. The Tpubs new goal is to deny Obama a third term.

    This whole thing reeks of racism...and the thing didn't even come close to looking like anything I've ever seen in the "Mines and booby traps" category. *I hear you nodding your head Sid*...The cops reek of incompetence if they are not flat racists. Both possibly?

    Besides...A kid that intelligent and ingenious would have built a dirty bomb with a remote detonator. DUH! That's all the Tpubs need is another educated black

    I'll bet the fact this kid might go to MIT scares the daylights out of the Tpubs. Enough fright to turn Ben Carson white!

    The only good that came of this is the kid is going to get a great education...FREE of charge and he and his family get to meet Bo and Sunny...Oh yeah...and the POTUS + first lady. I am sure the first family won't mind taking a back seat to Bo and Sunny.

    Gee...I hope the bomb...I mean clock...makes it past the secret service agents.

    Being an American these days is embarrassing. A black dude is POTUS and 1/2 the country rushes to the gun store and Bed Bath and Beyond.


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