Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What's Up With Carly?

Carly Fiorina is a strange person, and not just because while ruining Hewlett-Packard she got them to ship her yacht across the county. Maybe she's a literal example of a pathological liar. Whatever the reason, it seems that pretty much everything she says is false; so the only question is whether she's a deliberate liar, inexplicably poorly-informed and incurious, or if she actually is able to ignore reality even when it stares her in the face and thinks she's telling the truth.

I suppose it doesn't matter, in that there's no explanation that excupates her or makes her qualified to be president of the US.

The list of her prevarications is long; the Planned Parenthood video lie, if Reaganesque in its confusion between memory and reality, is beyond bizarre: it seems the video she claims to have seen does indeed exist, sort of. However it shows only part of what she claims (not the "harvesting" b.s.), was from spontaneous abortion, not an induced one (chalk another infanticide up to God, the greatest abortionist of all time), and the woman whose premature birth it was has acknowledged what is and isn't, but has allowed the video to be used anyway, because she's "pro-life," so why not? Will the time come when Ms Fiorina gets it and/or acknowledges it? Will her supporters?

Meanwhile, her latest might be even worse: she likes torture, she says, because, despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary, it kept us safe. So, is that a blatant pander to the Foxified, a deliberate lie, or a reflection of unwillingness or inability to assess information? Whatever. But she does it with a glibness that's really disturbing. Sarah Palin screeches her lies and is nothing more than a grifter. Plenty of people take her seriously, but she is not a serious person. Same with Michelle Bachmann, who just came up with a whopper about that drowned Syrian child. Fiorina, on the other hand, seems to want to be taken seriously, and she aspires to seriousness with her lies. There's something weirdly unique about that among women Republican politicians. No less scary; but unique.

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  1. Hi Sid
    Curious that Fiorina has not been asked about her 50 million dollar failed senate bid. It would seem that she's been given a pass so far regarding success in the political realm but perhaps Republicans have installed a quota for at least one non male candidate that is pathologically incapable of factual information

  2. As amazing as her lies are, so is the media's general disinclination to call her out on them. Some may ask a few things, but, as they do with all liars, they let her answer and move on.

  3. Yo Sid-

    I still read ya on occasion. Although, these days my demeanor insists that my intake of political information be very limited. It leads to clearer, more methodical, and systematic decision making at the booth (and elsewhere). It goes like this: F#*^ them all. At the end of the day, in an oligarchy, we usually end up with the same results regardless of party affiliation. Dems or Repugs.

    So my question is this: Why do you bother writing about certain political personalities who don't deserve your time, or anyone else's? You are like free advertising for these useless turds. Even on the blog! All the time given to and written about could certainly be better spent on something more important? Like figuring out how to get the money outta politics? Your mind and it's capabilities certain has a better, more worthy calling? Hell Yes! Why don't you promote something, or someone? Bernie? Be more positive. As Stephen Hawking has said, "Where there's life there is hope". Get it?


    Warm Regards,



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