Sunday, November 1, 2015

It's Sunday. Pass The Plates

Living in the kill zone, as it were, of the Cascadia subduction zone, and reading about the potential disaster it represents, a question occurs to me, for the creationists out there: why?

I've had conversations about the obvious flaws in the perfectly designed humans by the perfect designer, and the answer is always the same: it was fine until the fall. Had Adam and Eve not shown a desire for knowledge, we'd not have hemorrhoids, cancer, birth defects, Alzheimer's, bicuspid aortic valves, or halitosis.

Okay. Mighty tough love, bringing havoc for one mistake by the parents of us all upon all generations henceforth and forever more. But, hey, it's religion.

But what about before all that? When God created the heavens and earth, why the hot liquid core in this corner of the universe? Why the tectonic plates, slipping and sliding and wiping out innocents by the thousands, tens of thousands, capriciously, randomly? No matter the timeline -- days or millennia -- that little engineering feat, that intelligent design preceded mankind, preceded "the fall." So, again, why?

Seriously. The Bible, which creationists take literally, tells us God designed the earth before he got around to us, even if only a couple of days before. So wtf? Since he doesn't make mistakes, it was part of a plan, one that pre-dated Adam and Eve. And if he saw it coming and ordered up such calamity, then A and E's transgression was part of his plan, too. Or do religionists believe he retro-fitted Earth's core after the apple adventure, even further to foul the fair? I've never heard that claim. Have you?

Which would seem to confirm what I've said here, and elsewhere, many times and many ways: if there's a creator, he's either incompetent or indescribably evil; there are no other options.
Meanwhile, we on the west coast of the USA, home of liberals, giving succor to the poor and hungry, await the evidently inevitable. Nice going, God.

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