Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Well, grain my pyramids: Ben Carson says he doesn't want a position in Donald Trump's government because he has no government experience and has never run a federal agency.

And yet he considered himself presidential timber. And shilled for a person who fits the same description. JFC!!!

Is there anyone around Donald Trump who has at least a toe in reality, who can think him- or herself out of a paper bag? Even a wet one?

Somebody wake me when this is over (but give me the choice to refuse.)

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  1. Ben Carson had no interest in ever being President. He ran to get his 30 seconds of fame, which will boost his speaking fees considerably. Recall that his chief "advisor" was his booking manager.

    Why would he accept a gov't post that would take him off the paid speaking tour?


  2. This would all be deeply funny if it weren't so disgusting.

    I'm looking forward to what you might write about the requested security clearance for the son-in-law.

  3. So many questions...


    How come the racists don't go for the easy prey?...The undocumented in the agricultural industry. Instead of door to door...Raid all the agro companies/farmers in the south for starters. I mean, they need to clean up their yard before they bitch about Washingtons' agricultural industry.


    My people have informed me that the Emancipation Proclamation...


    ...was, and still is a thing. I did not know that. You guys know that? I guess it's one of those deals where everyone knows, yet nobody cares.

    "The Emancipation Proclamation was a presidential proclamation and executive order issued by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863.(Exactly 102 years before the second coming of Ty Cobb)*Ahem*...

    "It purported to change the federal legal status of more than 3 million enslaved people in the designated areas of the South from "slave" to "free", although its actual effect was less. It had the practical effect that as soon as a slave escaped the control of the Confederate government, by running away or through advances of federal troops, the slave became legally free."

    So they STILL had to run for their lives. The day and time announced in advance and nobody was getting a head start.

    Questions like...

    How come the white people got free land and they were proud to cheat and get a head start without anything in their way?...like the entire southern military and every racist and every slave owner trying to kill you or worse!? Oklahoma Sooners and proud of it yee! haw! I hear they promptly set up road blocks and stopped every school bus full of black kids they could find.

    *UPDATE* My people have informed me that it was Texas and it was little American kids.

  4. Part Deux...


    Why do Tiffany and Eric bear a strong resemblance to Steve Bannon?


    The secret service inspecting Ivanka with a black light everytime she leaves Daddy's office?


    The Trump administration lowering heating bills in the winter by burning Jews instead of coal and all the golden teeth proceeds go to the "Restore Prayer in School" campaign fund. Win Win for the Trump administration making America great again! Pence has an orgasm at the signing ceremony with 20 other pious white males.


    Does anyone really believe the Trump administration will in any way shape or form actually involve Donald?


    The American white men votes, I can understand. They suck and have always sucked when it comes to race...But what the hell happened to the American ladies? I mean...It's pretty tough for a progressive Dad w/2 girls of voting age voting Trump! Like the Terminator. I would send "The Party Pooper" to their house to live AKA...I will have something delivered to their apartment that's heavy, that is ugly, and won't fit through the door. AKA: Chris Christie. End of love life. My girls voted straight D ticket. They are Bernie girls. They were raised right.


    How it feels when the whole world knows you "settled". Then have to appear happy at campaign rallies and bridge closings. All so you could some day become "First Lady"? If you are Trump or Christies' wife. How does it feel knowing the whole world knows one of you is sloppy seconds and the other one has "Fashion Alerts"?


    I am not too sure Trump can find the 400 ish replacements required to make his squad. Scott Baio? Carson ran for POTUS...But found it too overwhelming to be Surgeon General or whatever. WTF does the Surgeon General do all day? Rate women from 1-10 and check the POTUS 2ce daily for E.D. , V.D. and any stray Ivanka DNA. So many acronyms, so little time.

    I hear the White House Cocaine is the best.

    Oh...On a personal observation...Trump has to live in the tower until Obama moves out. He gets a pass on the total cluster he's created in New York. They are using those million dollar buses as barriers and mobile command/combat bunkers. I have not heard a single complaint about costs from the FOXbots.

  5. I think we need a laugh:


  6. That's hilarious B-Noop !!! I did need a laugh and had a few.

    I did try to bring the heavy jocularity. Playing the "Cleese Card" is dirty pool...lol

    Well played!

  7. I see we share a certain sense of humor, Smooth. Speaking of humor, that's one thing I find lacking in so much of the Trumpian world -- where's the genuine wit, some real funny that transcends political stances? They only seem to laugh at others' dismay.

  8. I do try to be funny. It won't be long before not much is funny, to mostly frightening, to terrifying.

    Trump has zero idea about anything. I mean..."HOLY CRAP!" to the point of begging Obama to be available 24/7. Obama is going to mentor Trump. Why? Because Trump wants to be the "Decision Maker in Chief." Trump didn't like the SNL skit, again...He says "Equal time?".

    Everything is for sale. Trump always wants it to be free, w/o cost, paid for by federal tax dollars. Trump has over 500 companies...and wants free air time as well of course. He's always being picked on and never starts a fight. Trump will build grand monuments at the cost of tax payers.

    This is not a center/right nation. It's center left as a nation. That is a fact backed up by any factual information. (More red states, or HORs' and Senate...etc. is gerrymandering and/or voter suppression in the rural areas especially.

    We are screwed. Make America Great again? Like Ozzy and Harriet? The Cleavers? Brady Bunch? Tom Mix. Bozo and the Micky Mouse Club...Before women and black people could vote. I mean...This is stupid. The POTUS election is the only thing decided w/o any regard towards the popular vote. Majority rules if the Earth is flat for fricken sakes!!! Boxing matches, figure skating, tumbling it's most points wins. If acreage was votes, the GOP would run everything. That's why the Dems have 1.5 million more votes. Acres and votes are two different things.

    There was a piece I did on Trump a long while back that everyone liked. I always wanted to be Jon Stewart or George Carlin. My mentor was "A professional smart ass" for a living. From then on, that's all I wanted to do for a living...lol


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