Thursday, November 10, 2016

Where There's A Will?

So much talk about "the will of the people." Just as when Dick Cheney referred to his loss of the popular vote as a "mandate." This guy, potentially Trump's director of DHS, says, about yesterday's peaceful demonstrations, "There is no legitimate reason to protest the will of the people."

Yes, it's how it works in this country, for worse and now for worser: it's about the electoral votes and not the popular vote. So, sure, the victory is "legitimate." But, first of all, if protesting "the will of the people" is illegitimate, what of freedom marches, anti-war protests? If that sort of protest isn't at the heart of our freedom, what is?

More importantly, the electoral college was designed, far as I can tell, to blunt the "will of the people." If it were truly about "will," the results would be reversed. So let's hear Trumpists, in their victory dances, acknowledge that more people voted against them than for. Not because it means they really lost: the election went the way our founders designed it to go. But because it might cause them to reflect on the full breadth of where their responsibilities lie. So far, that humility is nowhere to be seen, nor was in any way, by any means, expected.

Sheriff Clarke, I fear, is exactly the face of what's to come.

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  1. How does President Bernie sound about right now?

  2. Not bad, other than the fact that I'm not convinced at all that he'd have won. If we're not ready for a (flawed, but still) woman, we're definitely not ready for a socialist Jew!

  3. We elected a black man. Does this mean that America is more sexist than racist? Or has universal suffrage disproven itself?

  4. Oh, contraire mon frere kevin.

    You know what they say???

    "Once you go black, Orange becomes alluringly irresistible."

    That's what 'they' say.

    Also, Bernie was wiping the floor with Trump and Hillary. Hillary/Trump was neck and neck during the primaries. We'll never know. But I think Bernie would have beat either Trump or Clinton. Just based on polling alone. On paper it was Bernie, not Hillary. Now Hillary knows how McConnell felt when Obama won twice. It was Hillary's to lose.

    Also, Russia was directly involved in cyber warfare. Voter suppression, Gerrymandering, Citizens United, FOX 'news', talk radio. What about the voting machines themselves and the "non partisan" folks at the polls. If Russia can infiltrate our election. We can certainly find a few districts full of 'good 'ol Boys' to accommodate. Donna Brazil got caught, but that shit has been going on for a looooonnng time on both sides.

    The "Electoral College and pledged delegate shit is stupid. It's like looking at the voting process in a fun mirror reflection.

    Here's the deal...Trump NEEDS Obama and Bill and Hillary. They all know what Trump knows, especially Barrack.

    This is gonna be OK. They are basically taking Obamas plans and simple change who gets the contracts. Trump will be rich. Really, really, rich.


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