Friday, November 4, 2016

Trump And Putin. The Manchurian Candidate?

I wrote this a while back, intended as one of my newspaper columns. Other needs to rant have pushed it back, and if Hillary wins, I'll probably not publish it. Plus, with the release of this latest report in Newsweek (read it!) it needs serious updating. But here it is, anyway: 
So what’s the deal with Trump and Putin? At this point it’s certainly fair to ask; and, not to be too conspiratorial, to wonder whether Donald Trump is an unwitting tool or a greedy deceiver out to enrich himself no matter the cost to America. To Trumpists it probably makes no difference. But, really: dealing with a geopolitical enemy for one’s own enrichment, monetary or otherwise! You’d think that’d be too much for all but his most blinded (by the usual list of deplorable stuff) supporters. 
At debate number two, wherein Trump announced his dictatorial intentions vis a vis imprisoning political opponents (he’s already promised to fill Guantanamo with “the worst” and submit them to torture, even though it doesn’t work, just because “they deserve it”), he said he has no idea if Russia is hacking emails and trying to influence the election. This he claimed after receiving a security briefing in which the specific involvement of Russia, and possibly Putin himself, was spelled out in detail. Dismissing facts is, of course, modus operandi primo for Trumpists and their progenitors. Still, I’d tend to take seriously information I received in a national security briefing by the CI-fricking-A. At the very least, I wouldn’t lie about it. 
The day after that debate, Trump addressed a crowd. Reiterating, to delirious approbation, his intention to lock Hillary up after he’s elected (when he’d first said it, some in his campaign suggested he wasn’t serious), he referred to a leaked email, a copy of which he waved around like Joe McCarthy with his “list” of commies back in the Fifties. The story of that email is a little complex, but sincerely worth a read. Suffice it to say it was released from Russia with certain details changed to make it appear to be something it wasn’t. 
Of greater interest is that Trump allegedly had access to it before it was leaked. Think about that. Russia. Giving to Donald Trump advanced copies of an email deceptively edited to influence favor toward Donald Trump. And Trump repeating it. How and why did he get it? Is he being used, or is he the user? Clearly, an international antagonist is meddling with our election and Trump is abetting it. That’s not in question. The only question is why? 
As usual, in the debates Donald piled lie upon lie, covering the entire spectrum of his campaign arguments: his tax plan, economic growth, crime statistics, Hillary Clinton laughing at a rape victim, Obamacare, birtherism, his support for the Iraq war, and so much more. Among them was the claim that he doesn’t know Vladimir Putin and has no dealings of any kind with Russia. But we know he’s bragged on many occasions to have met directly with Putin and that he has a great relationship with him. So which is the lie? Investigations by the Washington Post, Newsweek, and others have discovered financial connections to and receiving of money from Russia in many instances. So why the lies? What is he hiding? And why don’t his supporters care? 
Sure, Trump lies about everything. I’ve assumed it’s due to some combination of bravado, narcissism, sociopathy, and pathological lying. But what if it’s more sinister? What if he lies ceaselessly about such obvious and debunkable things so people will stop paying attention? Why? Well, how about this: in order to bury under a mountain of lies his true intentions; namely, getting into office on the promise of helping Russia in return for cold cash, and lots of it. It’s obvious Russia is attempting to get him there. Are we seeing an actual flipside of insane right-wing conspiracy theories, this one involving one of their own? (Maybe those claims of UN/Kenyan tanks were a deliberate diversion, too. Alex Jones is in on it!) 
Or has Vladimir Putin, in his dealings with Donald, recognized the man’s extreme narcissism and determined he’s the perfect stooge, needing only ego massage and greasing of his palm to be manipulated. Trump has already questioned the value of NATO, and now he’s saying the US has been too tough on Putin! ( I’m starting to think the Donald is the Manchurian Candidate who didn’t even require brainwashing. 
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  1. It might look like mutual adoration, but I firmly believe Trump is the complete stooge. Trump needs Putin to validate his hyper-inflated self image and elevate him to the world stage. I can't see how Putin would ever need Trump. It's easy to imagine Putin laughing at his incredibly fortuitous luck.

    How far we have come from the cold war 50s! If now was then, Trump would be already be behind bars and facing conviction as a spy.

  2. What if Trump was working for Putin?

    Trump is Trump, he wants real wealth and fame. Not a billion in debt. $$$


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