Thursday, April 1, 2010


The more I think about President Obama's decision to allow off-shore drilling, the more confused and angry I am. In fact, having had a day or so to consider it, I've come to a painful conclusion: he's not who I though he was.

Whereas I'm not entirely sure how it fits together, I think it's pretty clear this is some sort of signal to al Queda, and others who wish us ill. Given more time, I'll figure that part out. But that's not the point. The point is that Barack Obama is a stealth conservative, and we liberals have been taken for a ride. A fast one. Downhill.

First it was increasing troops in Afghanistan; then -- and much more disappointing -- was abandoning single-payer health care for a plan with entirely Republican roots: from mandates, to insurance-based care, to cutting Medicare. The only thing that separates his plan from what Bush did is that Bush didn't feel the need to pay for it. Otherwise, it's Republican all the way. It's as if he's become Mitt Romney, but more articulate.

You won't convince me that drilling for oil has any basis in reality; not while the world burns slowly to dust, not while the unnaturally warm air drenches the East Coast in amounts heretofore unseen. Higher mileage for cars? Yeah, like that'll happen. Nice try, BHO.

So mark it down. Today is the day I gave up on Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic Party. Today -- this day -- I've decided to register as a Republican, to give Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann a fairer hearing, and to join those that see in our current president the beginnings of the end of times. As upset as I am, this could be my final post.

This day. Today. The First of April, Two Thousand Ten.


SeaSpray said...

Oh Dr S ..he still has 2 years and 8 months to go. A lot can happen in that time.

Sid Schwab said...

You did notice the date, I assume.

And I left a response to a comment of yours at White Coat, and on my post here. I provided a couple of links at White Coat, but I don't think you really want them.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. He said, so he obviously doesn't mean it.

And it will never happen. Plenty of oil in Alaska to rescue his flailing economy. Too much sense.

And yeah, I noticed the date. Obama first, we'll call it.


SeaSpray said...

Dr S - I did go look there. I searched through 3 long comment sections in 3 different posts (Several times)in his blog.

Anonymous said...

Umm Sid, No Offense, but did you ride the Short Bus growin up???
and I did too...the "Integrated" Short Bus...I was the 0.5 Jewish Kid they had in Alabama...
and don't tell me about your Med School Class Rank..I'm livin proof a Savant can get an M.D.
1:"Increasing Troops in Afghanistan"? nice euphamism for an invasion by 2 Marine divisions...I'm gettin Carpal Tunnel updating my casualty count...
2: I'm pissed that he closed Git-Mo...umm wait a minute..I'm pissed that...ummm I'm NOT pissed
3: I'm pissed that he repealed "Dont Ask Dont Smell"..umm see #2
4: I'm pissed about that Pubic Option...umm see #s 2 & 3

5: Umm Sid, what does your Lexus run on???

Oh yeah, Aprils Fool...

Good one..


Mike Haubrich said...

I actually agree with everything that you write up to switching to Irresponsi-Bible Party of No.

Now that it is April 2, I am still disappointed in Obama.

Sid Schwab said...

I went back there, and it says my comment is awaiting moderation. I can see it, but you can't yet. Maybe they won't print it, so here it is:

So much misinformation, Seaspray, including but not limited to the fabricated 16,000 IRS agents. You need better sources.

As to “mandates:”

For the rest of the misinformation, you chose not to answer my request that you comment on my blog, and I don’t want to waste time of the bloggers and commenters here. You know how to reach me, if you’d like answers to your questions.

Sid Schwab said...

Well, me, too, Mike, in some ways. But, frankly, one of the things that attracted me to him -- and still does -- is his pragmatism. It was NEVER true that he was the flaming liberal the right painted him as. I don't like offshore drilling, but I'm okay with nuclear, especially assuming there will be continued progress in safety and storage. I don't like illegal wiretaps but I'm okay with legal ones, in narrow circumstances. Stuff like that.

I don't like the health care plan very much, but it's an important start. If we don't get to single payer before it's too late, it'll all be moot.

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