Monday, April 19, 2010

Quite A List

Here's an impressively long and well-documented list of Republican hypocrisies, in the form of an open letter. A small sampling:

You can't call a reconciliation out of bounds when you used it repeatedly.

You can't spend taxpayer money on ads against spending taxpayer money.

You can't condemn individual health insurance mandates in a Dem bill, when the mandates were your idea.

You can't demand everyone listen to the generals when they say what fits your agenda, and then ignore them when they don't.

You can't whine that it's unfair when people accuse you of exploiting racism for political gain, when your party's former leader admits you've been doing it for decades.

You can't portray yourself as fighting terrorists when you openly and passionately support terrorists.

You can't complain about a lack of bipartisanship when you've routinely obstructed for the sake of political gain -- threatening to filibuster at least 100 pieces of legislation in one session, far more than any other since the procedural tactic was invented -- and admitted it. Some admissions are unintentional, others are made proudly. This is especially true when the bill is the result of decades of compromise between the two parties and is filled with your own ideas.

The post on which the list occurs, surpassingly long and detailed, is from a while ago. Indulge me: there's no dearth of outrage; just of energy at the moment.

I don't doubt a long list could be made of Democratic transgressions. But this long? And this blatant, this level of outrageous mendacity? I really doubt it. But I'd be happy to be shown otherwise.


  1. 1: Marine Lance Corporal Tyler Griffin killed April 1st in Afghanistan
    2: Marine Sergeant Frank World, killed April 1st in Afghanistan
    3: Marine Lance Corporal Curtis Swenson killed April 2d in Afghanistan
    3: Army Sergeant Kurt Kruize killed April 4th in Iraq
    4: Air Force Major Randell Voas killed April 9th in Afghanistan
    5: Air Force Senior Master Sergeant James Lackey killed April 9th in Afghanistan
    5: Army 1st Lt Robert Collins killed April 7th in Iraq
    6: Army PFC William Blount killed April 7th in Iraq
    7: Army Sergeant Sean Durkin died April 9th of wounds suffered March 27th in Afghanistan
    8:Army Corporal Michael Jankiewicz killed April 9th in Afghanistan
    9: Army Specialist Joseph Caron killed April 11th in Afghanistan

    I know, they didn't go to college and probably would have been teapartiers if they hadn't been killed in Iraq/Afghanistan...

    and theres still 12 days left in April...


  2. Marla-
    do you have a brain?
    just bustin ovaries, loved you in "Fight Club" BTW,



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