Thursday, April 1, 2010


One difference between Congressional Democrats and Congressional Republicans: when a D makes an ass of himself, it's laughably stupid. When Rs do it, it's outright scary.


  1. Yeah, but we have two girl senators and a girl governor.

  2. I didn't know that...
    Hmm your Governors actually pretty hot...
    the 2 Senators???
    umm get me some Zo-fran...
    did they have that when you operated???
    Just bustin balls, but there was this old Surgeon who thought I was askin for a person...

    Me:(to the Circulator) "umm could u run out and get me some Zo-fran?"...

    Surgeon: "Her name ain't Fran"

    Me:" I know sir, I was referring to Ondansetron, a Serotonin 5HT-3 antagonist"

    Surgeon: "Her name ain't Fran"

  3. Can't argue about surgeons, generally. Present company excepted.

    Reminds me of a story my father in law tells (he's an anesthesiologist, retired): in med school a fellow student had the usual trouble gowning, got sent back to the sink a few times, finally made it to the table, just as the surgeon stuck out his hand toward the nurse and said "Kelly," The student took the hand, shook it, and said "Drackman."


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