Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mind Control

I guess you could call it mind control, were minds involved on the receiving end.

Nevertheless, it goes well beyond amazing that the Republican party and its RWS™ and, downhill from the privy, its teabaggers, have, without the slightest hesitation or shame, turned to one guy, one cynical and very rich, very successful, brilliant even, propagandist extraordinaire, to put words into their mouths which they then, without a second thought, parrot and repeat, in unison, regardless of truth -- because it's untruthful -- robotically, unceasingly, willingly, unblinkingly, knowing as surely as the big lie always has, that it'll eventually become, in the minds (were thinking involved) of enough people, some perverse and zombified if unrecognizable version of truth, if by "truth," we accept the RWS™ meaning: namely, lie. Whew. Excellent sentence, if I may say so.

Frank Lunz gave us "government takeover" for the health care debate, when government takeover was (is) the last thing the bill was (is.) But to the teabaggers, it became and remains truth of Kenyan proportions. And now, to prevent the inarguably needed regulation of the Wall Street version of banking, he's given us "bailout" as a way of defeating legislation aimed, among other things, at ending the need for bailouts. Even as the ink dried, Mitch McConnell picked it up like a kid finding a shiny quarter on a dirty street and ran off with it, jowls jiggling, eyes blinking. In unison, his fellow lobotomates slavered their simultaneous sycophancy. None, not a one, cared to point out that the "bailout" fund was paid for by banks, to prevent tax money from being so used again. And when the offer came to remove the provision, it had no effect on their opposition, despite their claim that it had been their main objection. Their words are popcorn: empty puffery, dissolving in their mouths even before they are spoken.

Never mind that McConnell's mouthing of Luntz immediately followed a meeting with Wall Street bankers. Such overt pandering and craven disregard for the needs of the country no longer bothers him or any of his breed. Never mind that the lie is too much even for Mark Halperin (that link is worth a click). Certain of his echo chamber and the credulity given it, Mitch finds no need to hide his deception; not even the pretense, in his view, matters any more. You're dumb enough to buy it, he says to the baggers.

I must say, though, that even to a cynic like me it's pretty astounding that the beholden nature of Congressional Republicans to Wall Street and its money, and their patent unconcern for anyone not supremely wealthy is so undeniable, yet so unimportant to the teabaggers. I guess when you live downhill from that privy for long enough, shit starts to smell like team spirit, and crap tastes like chicken.

So here's the deal, teabaggers. Mitch McConnell, Frank Lunz, Fox "news" and the rest of the RWS™ don't actually care about you, except as votes. Tax cuts? The only ones important to them are the ones for the richest of the rich. Balanced budgets? Which Republican administration has ever had them? A talking point for the benefit of the credulous. Remember "deficits don't matter?" Trickle down economics? Did it work? (At least Obama isn't claiming his deficits -- and those inherited from Bush -- aren't serious; and he's doing something about them.) Wall Street reform? Last thing on their minds, other than as a hook in your mouths. Those bankers are their real constituents; those guys are them. Is there any doubt?

The fact is, teabaggers, the aforementioned Rs, their propaganda organ known as Fox "news", their word smiths and their screamers, all think you're stupid and gullible, susceptible to the most elementary of manipulations: words. They're treating you like it without so much as a twinge of doubt or compunction. So far, you haven't proved them wrong.

There's still time to wake up.

But not much.


  1. Your usin that T-word again Sid...I understand, my Dad still lets a N-word slip occasionaly, thats how Old People do.....
    I swear you watch more Fox than I do, its like if I watched PMSNBC expecting to see Bob Dornan and Michael Savage...
    Doesn't your TV have a channel selector? Its not like there's a shortage of your political ilk on the Boob Tube...
    Admit it, your obsessed with Anne Coulter. Or is it Michelle Malkin?? or both? Hey I admitted I think Rachel Maddow's attractive in a "Lesbian Camp Counselor" kind of way...
    anyways Fox has the best show on TV tonight, "Glee" give it a watch, its the Madonna episode,


  2. The best part of Maddow is how much she hates Sarah Palin. But it's easy to understand--Palin has a real career, has made some decent money, works at a network people actually watch, was an athelete. She even had a date for the prom--all things Maddow continues to miss out on.

  3. Excellent post, anonymous anonymous. Cogent, insightful, presenting useful and new information to anyone who reads it. You must be very proud. A credit to your side of the argument.

    PS: Frank usually gets a pass, because he's funny. Comments like yours, which ought to embarrass even you, are not likely to keep passing muster. Just so you know.

  4. Umm Sid, for someone who calls american citizens exercising there constitutional right to peaceably assemble "T-words", a slang word for a homosexual sex act, your absolutely pissy...
    What do you think this is?? 1984?!?!?!?!? Allthough 1984 was a really good year:) what did Mon-dull get?? 2 votes???

    Frank :) "I put a smiley face at the end so don't exercise the Mao-ist, Krus-chefian censorship skills you learned in Commie-land...

    Frank :)

  5. Frank: teabagging, as a sexual act, is not limited to homosexuals. So I'm told.

    Dodge: I accidently rejected your comment, which was:

    "Anonymou: time to stop sulking about Maddow turning you down for that prom."

  6. Even if hetero's engage in Tea-Bagging its still like callin an N-Word the N-Word,,,
    See if you can find one of the 5 N-Words in your state and try it some time....
    And when/if you wake up from the Closed Head Injury/Pulmonary Contusion/Orbital Blowout Fractures/Wired Mandible/ruptured spleen you can tell me about it...
    Seriously, did you catch the "Power of Madonna" Glee episode last night? 4-20-2010's gonna be one of those dates people remember...


  7. Frankie, I'm just using the word the way teabaggers used it, politically speaking. Heck, some of them even do it for Jesus.

    And since they still haven't accepted how uniformed they are on the issues, I figure it doesn't hurt to remind them of something undeniable, namely that they were amusingly uninformed in their original name choice.

    Who me? Annoy someone because they're uninformed?


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