Saturday, April 24, 2010

This Should Do It

Yep, all it will take is information like this -- y'know, facts -- and the RWS™ and their brainwashed teabaggers will stop saying Obama is a socialist who wants the government to own the banks and the automakers.

From the beginning, it was obvious to anyone who got information from, say, a NEWS source, that to the extent that government was "taking over" GM and Chrysler it was only temporary, and that taxpayers actually stood to make money on the deal. Same with banks.

So, yeah, any day now I expect to hear all those liars at Fox "news" correcting their disinformation. And within moments, I'm guessing teabaggers will march on Washington with signs (misspelled, but still...) saying, "Sorry Mr President. We sort of got it wrong. Nice job."

And our plum tree will begin producing gold coins.


  1. Here is some extra reading on the topic that you may find "interesting". I like how O. blames the car makers problems on "poor management decisions" yet fails to mention that labor unions (which helped finance his campaign) demanding ridiculous wages/pensions as a major cause of their financial issues. Even better is how he parlays problems with the car companies into "proof" that the financial system needs to be "reformed". The guy is always workin' an angle; he's quite a salesman.


  2. You actually watch the Presidents(Peace be upon Him) Saturday address?? How Sad, thats 6 minutes your never gettin back, especially if your right about there bein no God...
    You DO know this isn't Iran(yet)?
    Or were you hoping THIS would be the time he'd Close Gitmo/Repeal Don't Ask/Don't Smell/Bring the Boys home from Iraq....
    Umm might be awhile, especially on that last one, seems "Pulling the Troops out of Iraq" means leaving 50,000 "support" troops behind...
    Be honest, arent you just a little pissed your gonna lose that Medicare Advantage??? and don't spend your midddle class tax cut in one place...


  3. Thanks, PT, for proving my point.


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