Monday, April 12, 2010

(In A) Twit

The former half-term governor of Alaska is pissed. How horrible, she says, that President Obama would want to pressure Hamid Karzai into doing the right thing.

Like world peace, health care, reducing nuclear bombs, and following the law, such things really upset that girl, and those teabagging lovers of hers. And, most surely, the RWS™ that have formed her and their thoughts and squeezed them into their heads as if from a pastry bag.

At some point, it's simply ridiculous. There's nothing President Obama can say or do that would provoke a positive response. After decrying his imagined kowtowing to foreign leaders, when he actually sends a tough message to Afghanistan's, she's all like you don't betcha on him. The place where we're spending billions of dollars and where our people are dying. Where opium fuels our enemies, whence the Taliban came and twich they return. Nasty, nasty man for even thinking of applying leverage.

This morning I read a theory about why Miss Sarah is so sympathetic to Mr Karzai: makes perfect sense that a former governor of Alaska would cheer for the president of Afghanistan. The two states are really quite similar:

  1. They are both home to spectacular natural beauty and mineral wealth.
  2. The political process in each is hopelessly corrupt.
  3. They are both rentier states.

The article concludes with a passage worthy of this page:

Oh, and by the way, if you think using leverage to affect the political choices made by the Afghan leadership is not a good thing right now, then you are a) Liz Cheney, b) Sarah Palin, c) a blithering idiot or d) some combination of the previous options.

At least Liz Cheney forms words. And you gotta admire her for defending the failings of her indefensibly failed father. But Sarah? Our next president if teabaggers have anything to say about it? She's sorta like Bush, vis a vis Clinton, when he came into office: if Bill did it, he was against it. It was easy policy. And for a girl who needed five tries to find a college that'd give her a diploma, that's the perfect template.


  1. Here, Frankie: just what the doctor ordered. Your gal has it all.

  2. You'll be unsurprised to learn that your second comment didn't make the cut, Frank. I got the point the first time. Among other more obvious reasons.

  3. You got my point??? Who are you and what did you do to Dr. Sid??? He wouldn't get my point if I nailed it to his pointy head Martin Luther style....
    I don't get the "5 Colleges" slur, 2 of them were Community Colleges, so its not like she had a choice if she wanted a 4 year degree..I went to a Community College for a year till I flunked out, I mean decided to go to Real College, where I flunked out, I mean, realized I wasn't very good at digging ditches and selling plasma...
    Not everybodys Mr. Perfect like you and the President(Peace be upon Him) with your Magnum Cum Loudly's from Hah-Vahd.......
    Just curious why you think the President's(Peace be upon Him)college transcripts are locked up more securely than prisoners at the Supermax??? I have my own theories, and if you dont like em, I have others,


  4. Drekman...

    (Piss Be Upon You)are you certain that TeaBagging is a perverted act confined only to homosexuals?

    Hmm... How do you "Know" that... Hahh?

    Just asking you to cite your sources!


    P.S. Where did you get the idea that being stupidly anti intellectual makes you appear smart?

    Just askin'...

  5. Eugene,
    "How do I know that"??re Teabagging...
    ask your Daddy....sorry if I dredged up some repressed childhood memories...
    does he still molest little boys??

    Just askin,

    Frank in Atlanta

  6. Drekman... The unqualified tone of your statement inre. Teabagging suggested information gained through "Insider" experience.

    Since you ask, I was an orphan... your "bagging" had to be by someone else's dad.

    Did you take your tea with cream - the English way?


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