Thursday, April 15, 2010

Same-o, Same-o

Just like the last time, Fox "news" has found evidence anew that Obama is sending secret messages to Muslim terrorists.

Is there any point beyond which teabaggers and those who defend them will not follow Fox "news"? Over which line might they refuse to step? What bold deception would lead them to say, "Well, maybe, just the teensiest bit, and only once in the tiniest while, we're being taken for a ride by cynical people, nasty people, extremely rich people, with a very selfish -- if barely hidden -- agenda."

I think I know the answer.

1 comment:

  1. There you go using the T-word again....
    What secret??? name a middle east Potentate the President(Peace be upon Him) hasn't teabagged...
    Umm you were right about that 98% tax cut, too bad it starts phasing out at %75,000 singles, $150,000 couples and you don't get it at all over $95,000/$190,000...
    YOU qualified????
    I'm sorry, let me know where to mail it and I'll send you a tin cup...:)
    Seriously, people make less than $190,000?????? I mean that used to be alot of money, umm back in the 70's...



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