Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Drawing Conclusions

He doesn't have much to say about how to get there, but it's not bad for a couple minutes' worth, the attention span of the average teabagger, I'd guess. And were they to note who sponsored the clip, they'd run away even faster than their usual retreat from facts.

Waste of breath, most probably.


Anonymous said...

Robert Reich...Ha!

Why do you post when he tells the "truth" about the economy, but conveniently fail to post when he tells the "truth" about Obamacare?

I'll include the link below for the sake of completion:



Sid Schwab said...

Three reasons, PT:

First, this post was about the economy, not health care.

Second, I've been highly critical of "Obamacare" on this blog, as the open-hearted reader would know.

Third, and perhaps most important, assuming one is interested in fact, the speech to which you refer WAS GIVEN IN 2007!!!!!, before, you know, Obama was even elected, much less attempting to reform health care despite the distortions, lies, and stony resistance by every single congressional R.

But let's not let a little factuality get in the way of a so-called point for the sake of so-called "completion." Eh?

Sid Schwab said...

P.S., PT: Reich, like me, approves of much about the ACA; and like me, he thinks it doesn't go nearly far enough.

Anonymous said...

Watsa Matter Sid? no "Daily Show" clips, your about as predictable as a Joe Biden foe paw....

and Robert Reich knows about as much about the economy as Barney Frank knows about Vaginas.
So Howcome the President(Peace be upon Him) hasnt raised taxes in the 892 days he's been in the Oval Orifice?
and I don't mean the taxes on tobacco and tanning, I mean the Income tax.
In fact, I feel a little guilty only paying %35, especially with all the deductions I can take that you can't, Jeez, I think I'll pay
70% just for GP...
OK, I'll pay more when you do.
it's like He wants the Afro-American unemployment rate to be the same as it was during the Great Depression...
But heck, with eager hardworking Hondurans willing to do backbreaking manual labor for less than minimum wage, who needs a sullen wanta-be Rapper who'll only show up long enough to fake an on the job injury?
OK, my brain's different from yours, so's my Schlong.
Well, Longer is "different".
Thats right 892 days, or 1000 Americans killed in Afghanistan ago.
I'd tell you how many were killed in Iraq, but noone keeps tract like they did when "W" was in charge.


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