Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coffin, Meet Nail

It's been pretty well hashed over by people with more audience than me, but it still seems worth a brief mention. After Jon Stewart's appearance on Fox "news" the other day, there can be no argument -- none! not even by the blind sheep that have claimed fairness and balance in the face of all the evidence -- that Fox is anything but a propaganda organization, with an explicit right-wing agenda. If the revelations that slipped from Chris Wallace's mouth like saliva from a stroke victim's weren't enough, the stuff which they cut out and, like pretty much everything else they falsely manipulate, which is available within the intertubes, is dispositive. Not that they haven't done it before.

If Fox "news" weren't so obviously a fraud, so clearly bent on destroying progressive politics by any means necessary, including -- especially! -- by lying and distorting and ignoring and deceiving, treating its audience like the willingly ignorant that they are, this whole thing would be pretty funny. Exposed by a comedian. Forced to edit out their own damnation, while denying they ever do such a thing. Claiming the high ground by comparing themselves to Lisa Lampanelli and a cop in short shorts. Oh, man. Man oh man.

However, it's sad. Really, really sad. Because no matter how clear it is that they're being taken for a ride to a place where their own interests mean nothing, the Foxobeckians among us have neither the tools nor the desire to be enlightened. And thus my pessimism that we'll get out of this alive.

[Addendum: here's a little followup by Jon Stewart. And here's a take on whether he was actually wrong.]

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