Monday, June 27, 2011

Libya Made Simple

[The latest from Tom Tomorrow. Click image to enlarge.]

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, pay attention, but don't "over think" it. Chuckles has that right. Too late to help when help arrived, but Obama did what he could, when he finally helped. When the UN finally helped. This is going to play out it's time, and hopefully quickly.

A question I always ask when thinking about most Middle Eastern countries and history, and Islamic African continent countries: WHY do they have to work their political systems and society/culture like Western society? Can't we accept that non-Western societies may never understand *us*?

Human rights are essential to all. Dignity, respect, acknowledgment. It's hard to get away from that, for many societies besides our own. Humans have developed coping mechanisms in many places/cultures that don't involve disrespect to others.

But I fear Islamic extremism is an aberration. Always has been, don't see it changing. No one can make Libya simple. It's not in the culture.


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