Saturday, June 11, 2011


Not making excuses, me, but I'd say Rachel's questions at the end are not frivolous. It's all disgusting, but the hypocrisy by Rs, as usual and entirely expected, is four standard deviations (pun intended) beyond the Ds. And whereas I'm of two minds on the question of resignation, if there were no calls for it for Vitter (who was reelected in his diapers; by voters, one assumes, who get their "news" from Fox, and hadn't heard a thing about it) or Ensign and his hush-money, both of whom broke the law, I'd ask those self-righteously calling for Big Tony to go where they stood in those other cases. The Ds who do so now, at least, also did so then. Can't think of any Rs of similar consistency.

Fact is, us god-designed and -perfected human beings are pretty weird, more likely screwed up than not when it comes to sexuality. On some level, we just ought to admit it and, unless (reasonable, non-theocratic) laws are broken, leave it to individuals to handle it (as it were) as they must, and judge them on their public interactions with the rest of us.

[Added: Meanwhile, Bill Maher puts it in the ultimate NSFW context.]

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