Monday, June 13, 2011

Seal The Deal

Seeking new challenges, now that she's on her way to solving public education on the school board, my wife went to an open house at the local rowing club recently, and she's been out there at 6 a.m. three days a week rowing ever since. Single skull, fours, or eights, she's getting into it. So, evidently, was a seal, who leisurely hooked an elbow on the boat a couple of days ago, took an approving gander at the ladies, caught on camera from another boat.

Life in the Pacific Northwest.


Margaret WV said...

My son attended a Learn to Row event here, and has joined the junior program with the local rowing club. With a new Marcellus shale drilling site going in along the river, just upstream, perhaps mutant radioactive catfish will be climbing aboard his scull in the near future!

SeaSpray said...

So neat that she is doing that. Must be so beautiful and she must be feeling great. Awww a seal. Nice pic.

Kellie (General Surgeon) said...

Great picture!

carlae said...

I learned to row when I was 40....I was amazed at how awesome this sport is. I only have a small slice of extra time lying about so I don't row anymore, but I look longingly at the water.

First time visitor here, loving what I've read so far.

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