Monday, June 6, 2011

Weiner, Dick

Anthony Wiener, whom I've admired for his wit, his fierce defense of many of the things in which I believe, is, it turns out, an asshole just like the rest of them. Pisses me off. Embarrasses me. Doesn't at all help my dim view of our political world.

So, yeah, they're all assholes; but there's still a difference. One group of assholes is right and (generally) honest on the issues, the other are assholes across the board.



Larry Simoneaux said...


At least most of your assholes are intelligent. I just wish some of mine would (could?) read history.

Paul Revere is turning over in his grave - likely while saying "I risked my life for that?"


Sid Schwab said...

Well, yes, there is a certain tendency for people of a certain stripe to cling to beliefs no matter the facts. I'd hoped it was true weinerman's account was hacked as he claimed; but I don't deny the undeniable.

Palin's fans, on the other hand, went straight to Wikipedia to change the entry on P. Revere to make it comport with her version. Happily, the owners of Wikipedia quashed it, as opposed to those of Conservapedia, which lapped it up.

I know a guy who still refuses to believe BHO was born in Hawaii. When you and I disagree, at least we're each grounded in a common set of facts.

Hard to figure, isn't it, how certain people, when they obtain power, believe themselves to be above law, morality, reproach, no matter what they do.

Nice column today, by the way, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Thinking with their "little heads" so sad. Alice

Anonymous said...

Whats the big dealy-O? Who hasn't sent photos of there Penis to women you only barely know?
Was alot trickier to do before the Internet, I'll tell you that, and if I had a dime for every roll of film I didn't pick up I'd be....

Not a Homo, but did anyone else notice?(You know you did)
The "Weinster" is RIPPED!!!!!!!! No way he got that chest without Steroids...
And Weiner's always reminded me of the A-holes who made my 6 months in Hebrew School a living Hell...
I didn't know any Hebrew, didn't have a Jewish Last Name, and was the only blonde kid in the school except for the janitor, sort of a Bizarro Treblinka if you will...
and have you seen Weiner's Wife?, looks like a Star Trek Character, some sort of bizarre Asian/Arab/Israeli Hybrid...
I mean even Carley Simon sees Mrs Weiner's lips and says "Damn She's got some Big Lips"


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