Friday, January 6, 2012


Saw the above on The Dish. Unnecessarily profane in a couple of places, but otherwise a nice insight.

And here's something even more interesting: that caucus over which political watchers gratify themselves relentlessly every time it happens? This year it garnered the votes of 5.4% of registered Iowans. Long run for a short slide, huh?


Frank Drackman said...

OH YEAH?!??!

Well Borat Insane Osama,
I mean, Barak H. Obama,
and sidebar your honor, how come no body calls him "H" like they did with "W"? Or "BHO"? It's almost like "BTO" which was one of the kick ass bands of all times...
Anyway, he was elected with only some 350 votes of a nation of nearly 350 million.
Cause its the 538 members of the Electrical College(thats what I called it when I was a kid, not cause I was cute, cause I was Stew-pid)who actually vote for the President, which is why BHO(try it) has been in Ohio more the last year than he's been in his daughters bedrooms...


Anonymous said...

Not to mention that of the small % that DID vote, they were not likely ethnically or religiously diverse.

Good video clip--But did that guy even vote?

According to the Green Papers website the top 3 candidates each got 6 of the (28)Iowa delegates.

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