Monday, January 9, 2012

Preview Of Coming Attractions

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Of course, all of the R presidential candidates are sensible. And that "50% want another war" thing? After all we've seen, the horrific costs, the physical and mental* destruction of the troops who fight them, surely, despite the constant fear-mongering of the RWS™, the transparent propaganda of Fox "news," the obvious lies of the candidates that minimally thoughtful people must see through, right?, exceptional Americans all: couldn't possibly be true, right?

So we're good.


*Read the link to the end. Tip of the deep and deadly iceberg: how many more damaged young people are coming home from our neocon adventures? But, oh, how RWS™ love war; especially those (virtually all of them!) who never served.

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Frank Drackman said...

and thats supposed to be a haughty William F Buckly "Ummm" not a mongoloid Beavis & Butthead "Umm"
so does Hilary Clinton qualify as one of the "RWS"?(Dammit, How DO you make that little "TM" thingie?)
OK, I know with Pre-Alzheimers last week is challenging, much less last decade, and see, how I'm leaving it ambiguous who's Pre-Alzheimers I'm referring to?
But I'm pretty sure she voted for it when she was the Junior Senator from New York along with 110 of her DemoKKKrat coleagues...
And I still suffer from the wound's of the Wah that started it all, the one when we did it right, call quitsies after 4 days and let Sodom do what he wants as long as we gets our Sweet Light Crude..
And I know your a Vietnam Vet and have Flashbacks everytime you here "Along the Watchtower" in the Elevator...
But can you imagine the horror of finally being able to buy some fresh cassettes(I know I'm old)from a roadside vendor outside of Khafji, and all he had was censored Paula Abdul, and the worst of all,
I still can't get that "Joyride" tune out of my head...


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