Thursday, January 19, 2012

They're All Insane. Scary Insane.

The RWS™/teabagger/Fox "news" favorite description of President Obama is as a dictator, a Nazi, an aggregator of vast presidential power. (The last phrase, because it uses a big word, I haven't actually heard.) So it's particularly puzzling, to say the veriest leastest, to see the deluded and clueless audiences stand and cheer Newt Gingrich when he says he'd haul judges before Congress, ignore whatever part of judicial rulings he chooses; without even hiding it, he's claiming the power of an absolute monarch. Which, by the way, is exactly how he sees himself.

So it's even more amazing that when Rick "I'm Running Third In My Own State" Perry bowed out (gee, ya think?) and tossed his feather weight behind Gingrich, he said we need a "humbler" government. That's even more amazing than Sarah Palin's über-ironic claim that four years ago we had a candidate who wasn't properly vetted.

Newt says of our enemies, over the definition of which he'd claim sole authority, "Kill them," and the audience leaps to its Foxified feet. Get rid of judges, he shouts, and they rise like a river of ridiculousness. Funny, isn't it: if some black guy does stuff you don't like, even when it's what he was elected to do, he's a damn dictator. When it's your guy, though, and particularly if he salts it with your favorite racial and religious hatreds, he can literally announce his disdain for the most central check against dictatorial power, and you'll jump around like Oprah just gave you a car. Well, a white Oprah, anyway.

Let's not bring up the fact that the great defender of marriage against teh gay, the guy who reveres marriage so much he's tried it thrice, tried to talk his second wife into an open marriage, okay? Like that's gonna make a difference, right, to the Constitution-loving patriots who adore him because he wants to burn it like a witch in Salem.

How can anyone with half a brain (see, there it is!) not look at these people and weep for our country? Weep? Hell, stab his own ears with an icepick and pluck out his eyes!

RWS™ and every R candidate claim that Obama is seeking deliberately to destroy our country. How? The fact is, with their well-paid propagandists, their obstructionism, their deliberate dumbing down of education, laughing at science, playing the religion card at every opportunity, creating and funding teabaggers and calling them real, lying constantly, ignoring facts at every turn and convincing their fear-forged flock to do so as well, they, themselves, already have. You see it in every audience at every debate.


Frank Drackman said...

Ummm So Fox News DIDN'T use the word "Aggregator"??
I wouldn't know, cause I don't watch Fox News, or any news actually, except for a few minutes of Morning Joe, and only cause I have a Thang for that Minx, Minka Zzzbrzzinski...
And I know your just tryin to be cool, like my fellow Baby Boomers, but your use of "Uber" is Uber-Dumb. Its like sayin "Totally" or "Nome Sane", Nome Sane?
And dont you Lib-er-als love anythang thats "Open"? And Jeez-us did you SEE Newt's Ex? even his current Jack-O-Lantern headed Wife looks good by comparison...


Anonymous said...

"...even his current Jack-O-Lantern headed Wife looks good by comparison..."

Jack-O-Lantern? Looks more like a vulture to me.

Still...if she gives good... well, you know... that 'oral technique' that slither lizard prefers - so he can say he didn't 'sleep' with other men's wives; one could just throw a flag over her face and "Go For Old Glory."

Given that she performed the 'didn't sleep' technique, for Leroy for six years - while he was married - must mean that she was/is O.K. with "Open Marriage."

Ah, America - a First Lady first - six years of adulterously kneeling before Leroy ("The King").

Ah yes "Family Values."

Maybe Caly could help his campaign by proudly disclosing how Leroy 'faithfully' paid her dry cleaning bill!


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