Monday, August 6, 2012

Liar's Poker

Republicans are calling Harry Reid a liar for his claim about Romney and taxes. Now, as I've said here before, I'm no fan of Harry Reid, who embarrasses nearly whenever he opens his mouth (less for what he says, than how.) But what Harry said is that a credible source at Bain told him that The Rominee didn't pay taxes for ten years. To call him a liar is to say he's making up the fact that someone spoke to him. If the information he was given is false, that doesn't make Reid a liar. It makes the teller of the tale a liar. Or misinformed.

So teabaggRs even lie about lying.

Of course, there's an obvious way to find out who's being truthful: all Mitt has to do is release his tax returns, like every other presidential candidate in modern history. That he won't, well, how is it explained other than that there's something there he doesn't want voters to see? And so sure are the aforementioned Rs that it's damaging enough that it'll never be released, they feel free to call Reid a liar, figuring the truth won't be known.

Lying, as I've said many times, as policy. These are the chosen representatives of teabaggers. Can there be a more perfect match?

The latest Romlie (hey: new word!) -- and it's only the latest: we can be sure there are more to come, like visitors to the Bunny Ranch -- is that Obama is suing Ohio to keep military members from voting. Like every other lie that burbles up from the depths of today's R party, it's dutifully repeated by Fox "news" and the rest of the RWS™ until it's accepted as true. And, other than being the exact opposite of what's going on, it is. (Amazingly, the link is to a conservative site. But how many teabaggers get their news from a place like that?)

Daily, Mitt Romney shows himself to be a deliberate liar, by which repetitive mendacity he's clearly unqualified to be president. That he and his propagandists know this is evidenced by their total reliance on misinforming the public: They know there's no way to sell their candidate on his own merits, so they lie with every breath, to their great shame. That half of the public is happy to receive their lies, unquestioned, is to the shame of our disintegrating democracy.


Anonymous said...

This business also provided the umpteenth example of Romney's solipsistic tone-deafness: his belief that Reid should "put up or shut up."

Does Romney understand what that phrase means?

- Molly, NYC

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, that was my first knee-jerk reaction: WHO should "put up or shut up?"


AlisonH said...

I love love love the President's description of his opponent's economic policies: Romneyhood.

And yes, Romney is a politillogical liar.

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