Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Behold The Threat

Yep, that does it. My marriage is already starting to crumble at the sight of these heathens. Just look at them. And call your divorce lawyer.

(This couple, together for thirty-five years, were the first in line to get a marriage license here, and had their wedding on Sunday, during an interlude in the annual holiday concert by the Seattle Men's Chorus. The picture, along with many others, is here.)

Seriously though: how anyone can look at their joy and not feel it it themselves, even just a little, is beyond me.


SeaSpray said...

I would say the real threat is the violence, intolerance and racism continually perpetuated by the left if anyone disagrees with the left agenda and the alarmingly ..yet predictable press remains as silent as they can get away with. Or they perpetuate the lies and omit truths.

And this is off track except it ties in to my comment about the press - WHY are we not getting the facts/truth from anyone in the know about the Beghazi murders? I was 19 when I was following Watergate and I remember the daily pressure to get the facts. now no one cares.

Dr S ..God as my witness (that means something to me if I say it), I don't care if it were a republican president or other republicans involved ...I want to know the truth. And my opinions do not come from FOX. Seriously ...one would have to poke both eyes out, cement their ears closed to NOT be able to discern major bungling, wrong agenda and major cover up.

And second to the murders ..or maybe first now ...because we don't know the truth about Benghazi and why things were done as they were and why our people were left vulnerable ...we also do NOT know what went wrong so as not to repeat same mistakes around the world ...putting other American lives in jeopardy.

I have always been an upbeat person ...glass half full, silver lining behind the cloud kind of person. But, I am becoming jaded. I do not understand what is happening to our wonderful America. So much disrespect, mob mentalities, racism (perpetuated by the left), entitlement mentality of epic proportions ...so extreme.

And I recall how people on left all said how violent the tea party was?

The tea party people didn't punch people, break windows, defecate on cars, Rape anyone, leave garbage strewn every where and they did not ever need police in riot gear.

I don't believe it will ever get better unless good people speak out against the violence and the press reports honestly.

Remember the commercial in the 70s ..where the Native American (see ..I can be pc), ws looking around at all the litter in his beautiful land and his rear fell silently? I feel that way when I see all the horrible things going on in America. It's just wrong.

And where the heck is FEMA (they have the money) in getting more help to all the Sandy victims? Why isn't THAT story on the news pounding away everyday until the red tape is cut through? It is winter and COLD here on east coast.

Sorry ..haven't been here in awhile - said a lot. there's more. But ..effort in futility.

I think maybe just appreciate the good things and look away from what I can't change. It's all just going to have to run it's course.

Seriously Discouraged SeaSpray

Sid Schwab said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comments on same-sex marriage, SeaSpray, the subject of this post.

I'm glad you aren't among those deliberately distracted by false conspiracy theories ginned up by the RWS™ to keep people from recognizing what they're up to; namely, defecating on the American people while gutting democracy in favor of oligarchy.

And it looks like we agree, too, about the outrage of Benghazi, that Rs demanded $150 million be removed from President Obama's recommended expenditures on embassy security. I hope you'll express your disappointment not just here but to all your R friends. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

"tea party people didn't punch people, break windows, defecate on cars, Rape anyone, leave garbage strewn every where and they did not ever need police in riot gear."

SeaSpray needs to get another source of news--his/hers seems to be rather depressing. Nobody's defecated on my car except a couple of birds. Why become fixated on the actions of a few frustrated outsiders, when one's attention would be better directed on the insiders who want to see our country ruled by a few corporate imperialists, and convert us citizens into consumers.

"And I recall how people on left all said how violent the tea party was?" Is it persons on the left who are making record purchases at gun stores after Obama's two election victories?

SeaSpray is appalled by "entitlement mentality of epic proportions". I am as well, the entitlement mentality of the megarich who refuse to acknowledge that their tax rates are the lowest in three generations and clamor for more tax cuts.

I'd like to know what happened at Benghazi as well, but doesn't congress have the power to convene hearings? Ask John Boehner why congress doesn't seem to think this as important as Fox thinks it is. It was, after all, just one day's sad events on the other side of the world in a hotbed of violence and discontent--hardly a basis for judging an entire administration.

SeaSpray may not believe these talking points are coming from Fox News, but they sound very familiar to me....
Mark V

Sid Schwab said...

Well-said, Mark. Much better than I did. The problem with SeaSpray and so many millions like her, is that she can't recognize how she's been played. Everything she says has been imprinted by Fox "news" (which she denies watching) or any of the rest of the screamers.

One of my surgery professors used to say "Focus on the doughnut, not the hole." SeaSpray, because of Foxorovian misdirections, is completely unaware of the doughnut -- the destructive effects on our future and our present if her side's real agenda were put in place. And that's exactly the goal of her "news" sources.

SeaSpray said...

I apologize for not commenting on your post because I immediately reacted to the title. Seriously ...that's not a threat that concerns me. National security and other things do.

But, I will just say that I believe everyone deserves equal rights. I have some gay friends. One of them has been with his partner for more than 20 yrs. I worked with this guy, a nurse for many years and was one of my all time favorite people to work with ever and when we met again after almost 2 decades at a hospital reunion ...i was thrilled to meet up with him again and we picked up like old times. Even tho not legally married they should have all the rights married people have when in a committed relationship. heck some married people probably don't deserve the rights because they are living like in War of the Roses. So hospital visitation,privy to all info otherwise secured under HIPAA regulations, wills, private property, etc. They should not be excluded.

The reason I and so many people of faith disagree with marriage under God is because God said that marriage is to between a man and a woman. it is a sacred ceremony sanctified by God. I understand and respect that.

I would never want to hurt anyone and I understand why people would see it is intolerant ..although for me it is not in any way out of anger or hate. And I am guessing for many people of faith including priests, rabbis and ministers it is because of how the scriptures define marriage.

If anyone in here has the same opinion and I have not explained it adequately or have misrepresented in anyway ..please step in with correction. this is just my interpretation for why.
DR S! GOSH! You are doing it again!

Do I watch FOX? Yes and I have acknowledged that. But that is hardly my only news source.

I have *repeatedly* told you that we also watch CNN, local news out of NY channels as well. and read on the internet.

AND ..what is wrong with C-SPAN? I watched the entire Benghazi hearing. Did you? I'm guessing not or you would understand there are serious issues with what happened.

Regarding funding ...147 republicans and 149 democrats voted for that bill. During the hearing Charlene Lamb was asked directly if the funding cuts were responsible for lack of security in Benghazi and she said, "No Sir."

There is so much to this story and I can't get into it now. But this all has to come out. My gosh look how relentless the press was with Watergate over a burglary (it was wrong)and then while Nixon didn't know about it he covered up when found out and caught in lies ..impeached and had to resign. It was a HUGE deal. Ironic that Hillary worked on that case back then. You'd think she'd have known better than to go out and perpetuate the lie about the video. That truly baffles me. ? HUGE cover up this time around. Normally, I would say the truth always comes out, but this administration in conjunction with the ever willing press are adept at suppressing information and he ..thanks to press is least transparent president ever.

Just imagine if this happened on Bush' watch. How do you believe the press would be reporting prior to the election and now? He'd n-e-v-e-r have been reelected.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Mark - "Why become fixated on the actions of a few frustrated outsiders,"


I have said this about the tea party people. If one random Nazi sign went up nany pelosi refers to them all as nazis. Same with other people. And obviously that one person coulr be a plant ..but the news will focus on that ad nauseam.

Fact is they were peaceful. And so what if they yelled in town hall meetings - they were upset and angry. They never destroyed property or attacked anyone physically.

We don't own guns. most of my conservative friends don't own guns ..except the hunters. Deer and bear hunting up here.

My understanding is because people that do believe in the right to bare arms are concerned that right will be taken away under this administration. Guns don't murder - it is the sick and or evil nut jobs that do. And I 100% believe that the people who want to kill ...WILL get guns illegally.

I am discouraged by BOTH political parties with many things. regarding Benghazi ..they need one committee keeping track of all the information ...just like in Watergate. I don't care for Boehner either.

I registered as an independent what I was 18 and remained one until a doctor at work pointed out I couldn't vote in local elections and so switched to republican. But in my heart ...I WOULD vote for whom I feel would be best for the job.

I have to gt a lot of Christmas things done before family family comes home and so not getting in to entitlements now other than to say I do believe if you over tax ..those people leave. And I do believe Romney would've been better to get economy back - but that is water over the bridge now and Obama has four years that he owns to improve it. And I will be the happiest SeaSpray if my worries are unfounded and he fixes everything. It will be the best "We told you so." I ever heard. :) Just wait until health care bill kicks in. Which btw - look how badly FEMA is handling Sandy victims in NJ and NY (mostly unreported - no president bashing like with bush) and we have to trust government with health care? God help us! I'm still not over, "We didn't read the bill."

There are many questions yet unanswered to the Benghazi story and every American should be concerned. But ..they are not.

" It was, after all, just one day's sad events on the other side of the world in a hotbed of violence and discontent--hardly a basis for judging an entire administration."

Justice. National security. Cover up.

Anonymous said...

"Dr S ..God as my witness (that means something to me if I say it), I don't care if it were a republican president or other republicans involved ...I want to know the truth."

Ahh... The LORD hath delivered her unto mine hands!! Finally!!!

Cast your mind back, (or that which serves for mind in you) SSWoman, to those distant days, wherein I posted links to much hard evidence regarding W's truthfulness, and the lack thereof.

I asked you, repeatedly, to read and see the truth for yourself.

You never did reply with any admission that your republican god had indeed lied, not once but again and again. You never replied at all.

Same with 911, republicans wholeheartedly lied and obfuscated about the warnings "W" received and the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" BS ginned up to start a war.

The Bush administration refused to approve the budget for the official investigation into the intelligence failures, which led to the attacks on September 11. Bush blocked an investigation into Bin Laden’s family. Why? Did you ever thirst for answers to answers to how and why republicans refused to account for the deaths of thousands on 9/11?

And now you bray about truth and Benghazi (with God As Your Witness...to your false witness).

And most recently you witnessed for "Romney" whose name history will identify as being synonymous with "Liar." So tell us, did you want to know the truth about that empty suit, a Mormon, who for over a century, good Christians regarded as an unchristian sect, suddenly became an acceptable Christian because he went and kissed Billy Graham’s Holy Ass?

“Shortly after the meeting with the Grahams and Romney, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association scrubbed prior references to Mormonism as a cult from its website because, the association said, "we do not wish to participate in a theological debate about something that has become politicized during this campaign."


How quickly it all changed when expediency and political advantage was the goal.

And here you are swearing “God as my witness (that means something to me if I say it”

As far as I can see, that which God, has actually seen and ever saw
"As Your Witness" has been, that the last thing you have ever wanted was the "Truth."


Anonymous said...

"...God said that marriage is to (Sic)between a man and a woman."

Where did god say that? Where exactly does god mention a ceremony?

Where does god say that a ceremony is needed to unite a man and a woman?

Where does god say that a ceremony between a man and a man, or a woman and a woman is forbidden?

The Bible is full of human commentary about what god said or meant about marriage, but I find no mention of god requiring a ceremony.

"Contrary to myth, Christianity's concept of marriage has not been set in stone since the days of Christ, but has constantly evolved as a concept and ritual."

"The very idea of a Christian gay marriage seems incredible. Yet after a twelve year search of Catholic and Orthodox church archives Yale history professor John Boswell has discovered that a type of Christian gay marriage did exist as late as the 18th century."


It proves that for the last two millennia, in parish churches and cathedrals throughout Christendom, from Ireland to Istanbul and even in the heart of Rome itself, homosexual relationships were accepted as valid expressions of a [Christian] god-given love and commitment to another person, a love that could be celebrated, honored and blessed, through the Eucharist in the name of, and in the presence of, Jesus Christ."


Christians like to gas about "Biblical" marriage, they are really talking about the Roman concept of marriage. One man,one Woman; Roman marriage was about property.

Put me down for "Biblical" marriage though, I could have several wives and as many concubines I wanted.

Ask Mr. Romney, he knows!


Anonymous said...

"not getting in to entitlements now "

You mean you're not getting into "Earned Benefits" now!

Because that's what they are - a fairy godmother didn't just wave a wand and say "Give free stuff to the poors."

Although that's what people like you want to be true!

People paid into your' so called "Entitlements",but to people like you they're just another nest egg for the republican anaconda to swallow.


SeaSpray said...

Oh Eugene ....obviously there are people who deserve help ...even if they did not contribute to anything ..we are to help the poor and I've never said otherwise.

But things have changed in our society. I'm 57. I remember a much stronger work ethic than we have now.

It's not as black and white as that Eugene.

Anonymous said...

"Oh Eugene ....obviously there are people who deserve help"

Yes, "Feed the Hungry, Heal the sick, Teach the ignorant and Comfort the afflicted" - glad you agree with Yeshua (pronounced Jesus in old Greek).

To bad so many other "Christians" refuse to obey him or insinuate he didn't really mean that they should 'actually' "Feed the Hungry, Heal the sick, teach the ignorant and Comfort the afflicted", but instead starve them, let them sicken, live in ignorance and languish in squalor until they get jobs!

When he fed the multitude he actually performed two miracles: In the first, he multiplied the loaves and fishes to the point where everybody was fed and their were even leftovers.

The second miracle is never mentioned: He fed everybody and did not ask the disciples to check to see if everybody was employed BEFORE THEY GOT TO EAT!

But, Ummm...How about the part where god witnessed you looking the other way when you said you wanted the "Truth" even if the truth looked bad for lying republicans?

3000 people on 9/11, 4 people at Benghazi. You watched the hearing, so you heard that Rice had reported facts the intelligence people gave her – no influence from the White house - investigation still ongoing. No lies are evident, no cover-up – except in the minds of McCain ET. AL. and that is changing:

“…Intelligence officials are now coming forward and saying that the changes to those CIA talking points — the ones that McCain and his posse of Senators are so angry about — were measured choices made by ... intelligence officials, not the White House.


But still, you make no comment about Bush and his administration’s refusal to fund an investigation into 9/11 and the way the Bin Laden family was hustled out of the country the day after the attack. You make no comment about the lies that led to ten years, and counting, of war that is crushing our economy and has claimed and devastated the lives of thousands of our soldiers.

You apparently have nothing to say about Romney’s sudden transmogrification from cultist bishop to Christian candidate – a miracle perhaps.

How about all of his lies, how about his etch-a-sketch strategy and his stellar imitation of a chameleon being all things to all people – except of course that 47% he didn’t care about.

That’s some search for truth you have going there! And all “With God as Your Witness!” Which means “Something” if you say it!

But what that means, if it means anything at all, is anybody’s guess!


Sid Schwab said...

What is it about work ethic that you remember that's absent now, SeaSpray, and to what do you attribute it?

Anonymous said...

"Oh Eugene ....obviously there are people who deserve help ...even if they did not contribute to anything"

Republican Playbook page 1: "...when confronted with facts, shift ground."

Again, I'm glad you agree - with Yeshua - but if you are talking about Earned Benefits, (you call them 'entitlements) understand that I was talking about people who did, and have contributed; working people who were taxed all of their working lives.

I assume you are not troubled by the concept of return on investment - if the return applies only to the already bloated wealthy who pay less taxes than their employees.

Your problem seems to be with retired wage earners getting some return for a lifetime of making the wealthy wealthier, and for the future, preventing current earners from getting anything at all.


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