Thursday, December 20, 2012

One Hand Clapping

Far be it from I to say "I told you so," but in the fiscal slight-slope-downward negotiations, Obama seems to be pissing off the left as much or more than the right.

I remember someone saying a fair contract is when both sides think they got screwed. (I suppose it could have been framed that both sides think they got a good deal, but when would that ever happen in politics?)

Anyhow, my point is just that that's what happens in actual negotiations: people move toward one another. Personally I don't find it alarming, in general, that Obama has indicated willingness to compromise. As long as there's movement from the other side, i.e. John Boehner, who seems to prefer to negotiate by crying to the press when he doesn't get everything he wants. Clearly, for him and his side, it'll never be enough; never be a real "bipartisan deal" until and unless Obama caves on everything. And no matter what happens, the crying over Obama's failures of bipartisanship and his dictatorial presidency will continue from the likes of Fox "news" and its believers of whatever they say.

This time around, so far at least, the president is resisting going all the way. That part I like. But it ain't over yet.

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