Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jeb (!) Couldn't Give Less Of A Shit

This is not only unsurprising but approaches criminal ignorance. Jeb (!) has released his energy plan (while praising Jesus -- not kidding) and it's entirely about deregulating the oil and gas industries, and increasing drilling and, why not, fracking. There is zero -- ZERO!!! -- mention of renewable energy anywhere within miles of the zone of destruction that is his "plan." Not one fucking word.

It's looking increasingly unlikely that "the smart one" will get the nomination, but I doubt any forthcoming plans from his competitors on that side of the spectrum will be much different. Because if climate change isn't happening, then why even bother, right?

Swear to FSM, these people are beyond horrible. They're terrifyingly ignorant, deliberate and exclusive panderers to the most damaging aspects of our capitalist democracy. They're destroyers, literally; and they don't give the slightest of shits. I don't care how important it is to you that gays don't have the right to marry, or that women can't control their own health care decisions, or, more likely, that you want what you want without paying a penny more in taxes; unless you have equal don't-give-a-shitness for the future of your kids and grandkids, voting for any of them is equivalent to murdering them.

Seriously. It is. As long as their oily benefactors get their $$, they don't care whether the planet dies; as to the people on it, well, when have they ever? Other than zygotes.

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dan said...

Hi Sid
I think they care, but ONLY for those like themselves I.e., wealthy enough to be removed from economic difficulty and connected enough so their children will be as well.
They developed a Karl Rovian strategy of " hey you guys who bring your lunch to work in a bag will never be rich but at least gays can't marry" which worked up till now but they'll find another emotional hot potato to distract low information voters.
The Democratic party is hardly something I worship.
Where the hell were the O so scientific liberal Democrats when people don't want to vaccinate their kids?
And wow hey they "discovered" economic inequality! It sure hasn't been growing the last 3 decades.
The Republican party is finally facing the schism between the diagnosable and the kleptomaniac oligarchy. There is much talk about their fear of the world their children will inherit, but pathology overrules love in today's GOP and lead will continue to pour into Sippy cups.

Sid Schwab said...

Somewhere in the archives of this blog is a screed I wrote about liberal science lacunae; conservatives deny evolution and climate change, and liberals love "alternative" medicine bullshit and are among the anti-vaxxers. The only difference is that no D candidate would ever run on Reikki. Those sorts are the fringe of liberals (well, fringe slopping a bit toward the center); the R nutjobs have become that party's core.

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