Monday, October 12, 2015

Hypocrites, But Not Completely Stupid

Added, 3:00 pm: Well, as my biggest fan, in the comments below, has pointed out, this appears to be false. I hate it when I get duped.

However, our friends on the other side love being duped. In fact, in clinging to Fox "news" and the rest of the right-wing screamers, they DEMAND it.


  1. False "poster". Check even leftist SNOPES "Did NRA Ban Guns at Convention>" FALSE. Legal concealed weapons and others WERE admitted. You are wrong again, but at least you are always wrong and consistently wrong. Love your gay stance. Shows where your heart really is. AGIUTK

  2. Thanks. Rather than take it down, I'll add a retraction. Unlike most right wing screams, I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong. In my case, as opposed, say to Fox "news" and the other right-wing screamers, the difference is that it wasn't a deliberate lie on my part, but stupid belief without checking. They, on the other hand, lie as a business plan.

    Meanwhile, I'll working on figuring out the connection between any of this and my "gay stance." You mean recognizing the well-established fact that sexual preference is inborn and not a choice? Reality, in other words? Yeah, hard to believe, right?


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