Thursday, October 15, 2015

Well Said

I think this is a fair and accurate citation (not "fair and balanced." Not possible, when there's this much imbalance) of the differences between R and D candidates.

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  1. The Democrats had an adult conversation about real issues.


    I went to a debate and a car wreck broke out.

    Weren't they supposed to be different this time? They went on a retreat and everything to learn how to appeal to women. That did not work. The Tpubs are worse it seems.

    Bernie has a real shot. Been saying that for a long time. Before he declared. Bernie has a genuine shot. Bernie raised 1.3 million before he left the stage. The solid he did for Hillary and the Dem. party as a whole. 1.3 million before he walked off the stage. That is meaningful. Obama was in the exact same position in 2007.


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