Friday, October 9, 2015

That Their Means Stuff

From the department of useless, possibly meaningless, but sort of interesting information.

Full disclosure: I've been using "grammarly" for a while, and it designates as errors many things I don't consider erroneous. Amusingly, it flagged "grammarly" [just did it again] for incorrect usage!

So, even though its findings comport with my liberal biases, a certain amount of sodium chloride is called for in the taking. But since it presumably applies the same rules to all the candidates, it's probably "fair," even if of questionable significance. Mostly, I use it for spell check. It has, however, pointed out that my word usage is more original, or something, than the majority of its users. So, you know, there's that.)


Smoothtooperate said...

I'd just like to say to everyone on team blue AKA: Team America...Sorry for dragging the score down.

What's my secret?

I just make shit up until I get tired or "It's good enough for government work."

flackster said...


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