Monday, May 17, 2010

Oily To Bed

The above is an appropriate followup to the previous post.

Well, it's a point of view, that raising liability limits for drillers (from seventy-five million!) is a bad thing. Lisa Murkowski is a Republican from Alaska, which puts her in questionable company. Oil company. But I'd give her more credence (maybe not) were it not for some of the things she's said in defense of big oil. Here's one, in a Senate hearing, referring to a BP VP:
Mr. Rainey, I appreciate you stating for the record that the oil and gas industry is high-tech. For people who don’t know about Perdido and about what is occurring at Liberty, it is nothing short of phenomenal to think that we can be exploring and producing in the depths that you’re talking about, 35,000 feet is the record, but what’s going on at Perdido at 8,000 feet, 200 miles offshore, tapping into things in a 30-mile radius. I had an opportunity to see what Shell is doing with the 4-D seismic technology, and it’s better than Disneyland, in terms of how you can take technologies and go after a resource that is thousands of years old, and do so in an environmentally sound way. So, I commend you for the efforts that have been made to really play out the technologies so that you’re able to gain the resource while at the same time working to care for the environment.

Thoughtful. Better than Disneyland. Okay, she was searching for metaphor. She was.... wait... what?....THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD????

To think that I get critical comments here, claiming I'm an elitist for saying we're becoming a bunch of uneducated, science-denying idiots! And that there are consequences.

Silly me.


  1. Your right Sid, God made all the Oil 6,000 years ago, right after he finished the Dinosaurs...
    And your such a Hippocrite, what does your Lexus run on??? Wind???
    And who cares if the Oil was created 10 thousand or 10 trillion years ago?? Your both idiots for thinkin theres somethin special about Oil, its still bein produced, deep in the bowels of the Earth, just like Rain and Mexicans. And to the Earth, an Oil Spills like me takin a leak in my Pool, not especially considerate, but hardly Armageddon.


  2. Well, I stand corrected, Frankie. You and Lisa are just full of facts.

    (Where "fact" is Martian, or some other unknown language) for "digestive effluent.") But, you rascal, you're just jerkin' my chain. (I prefer the long stroke, by the way.)

  3. Eight. That is how many apostrophes are missing from Drackman's post above.

    They call me the Count, because I love to count! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!! (Sound of thunder, flash of lightning.)

  4. Dear Count,
    One, Uno, Eins.
    The number of Lifes I have that you don't.
    And BTW, might wanta to a little remedial Period work, periods are supposed to go OUTSIDE the paren, parenth, umm whatever you call that thing you use to make the "smile" part of that sideways "smiley face" emoticon, you know, like this :)
    and Sid, I'm still waiting to here about your Lexus that doesn't require petroleum products...



  5. Count -- maybe count the number of drinks Frank has while posting instead. Could be a correlation there to number of typos.


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