Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where Credit Is Due

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They say even a blind squirrel can find a chestnut once in a while. Similarly, it seems Glenn Beck can't be wrong all the time.

From what I can tell -- and it's hard, because the line between insanity and ratings-grab is thin at Fox "news" -- Beck's mind is like those mouse traps with ping-pong balls, bouncing from one thought to another until it's uncontrolled fission, generating far more heat than light. Nevertheless, whether it's a moment of clarity or a random thought that has no relation to his usual paranoid rants, disconnected, it's noteworthy that he believes -- at a single moment in time, anyway -- in affording legal rights to citizens (to the obvious consternation, it should be noted, of his assembled foxed-up friends).

As others have said, when Glenn Beck is the sanest voice on the right, even if only during the blink of an eye, we have truly entered bizarro world, and the conservative movement has lost all its bearings. Which, as I've said repeatedly, is a loss for us all. For what have they become when we have to give kudos to a leader for believing in the law?

Teabaggers aren't gonna like this. Think there'll be "Mirandize Terrorists" signs at the next teabag rally? (It's a word perfectly suited to them: difficult to spell and impossible to comprehend.) To whom can they turn if Glenn Frickin' Beck shows signs of rationality?

1 comment:

  1. I thought you didn't watch FOX news???
    I know, you only watch clips on the Internets that AlGore invented back when he could fit in something smaller than an Airbus A340...
    I like Comedy Central too, but something tells me your not a "SouthPark" fan:)
    And why does Glen Beck bring out the inner Stalin in you guys, last time I checked its not Glen Beck whos
    1: Presided over 600 combat deaths in Iraq/Afghanistan
    2: Imprisoning untried A-rabs in Guantanamo
    3: "Studying" whether to repeal DADT with the biggest Democrat majorites since Mary Jo Kopechne was driving Ted Kennedy crazy...

    again with slammin the T-words?? Checkout the stats on how "Intelligent" N-words are.or their predisposition to violence, oh yeah, you voted with your feet, livin in the west coast version of Vermont....



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