Thursday, May 13, 2010


Had Dick Cheney not thought $500,000 was too great a burden on builders of oil platforms, I wonder if this might not have happened.

We'll never know.


  1. Is there ANYTHING that isn't Dick Chaney's fault??
    Surprised you haven't included Teddy Kennedy's Glioma in his list of "War Crimes"..
    Jeez-us, its just Oil, watta ya think they do with YOUR oil when you go to Jiffy Lube?? Oh sorry, the LEXUS dealer.
    They DUMP it, in an environmentally approved container, or maybe just out back in the alley when noones looking...
    And I love how you rag on anyone who believes in Creation, but its Y'ALL who think all the Oil there'll ever be was Created billions of years ago...
    Oils constantly being produced, which is why it won't ever run out.
    I mean, I don't like it when one of the family pets takes a leak on the carpet, but its not the end of the world, unless its the Ferret,
    Ferret P*** STINKS to high heaven,


  2. Is there ANYTHING that isn't Dick Chaney's fault?

    I'm thinking. Could take some time.

  3. Drekman...(GreaseBeUponYou)

    The Carboniferous Age created all of the fossil fuels we use today because the organisms (mainly the detrivores)that exist and break down plants today were then lacking.

    "It will simply be impossible to to have the detrivores that we have today simply go away."

    "the coal [and oil] lay down that gave the Carboniferous its name will be a one time event".


    The processes that created all of the oil and coal deposits will not be repeated. But the practiced credulity attributable to Cheny et. al. will go on ruining the planet forever.


    P.S. ferrets and weasels, are in the mongoose family - they all smell that way. So do Teabaggers!

  4. Ummm Ewww-Gene, might wanta be careful trustin info you get off AlGores Internets...I've got an "Obama's Bin Laden's brother" for every one of your Peak Oil posts...
    And if the Earths really billions of years old, that would mean there's Eleventy Trillion Gazillion barrel's of Oil, or almost the size of the National Debt.
    So go ahead, dump that oil, God'll make more, just like he does with Mexicans.


  5. I apologize, Sid: I thought, "There is no way that someone this outlandish could possibly be posting on Cutting Through The Crap; Sid must have created a second account to satirize his opposition." So I went looking, and Frank Drackman does indeed have his own blog. I apologize for thinking you might be pulling one over on the rest of us. (I still don't believe Drackman is sincere.)

    I recognize that this is a significant ecological disaster, but it's not the first time there's been a spill of this magnitude (by Haliburton, doing the same thing, no less). It's covering a tiny proportion of the Gulf of Mexico. Is this a phenomenally lucrative area for fisher people? I don't get why people are so upset about this in the context of much greater and long lasting ecological and humanitarian harm being done elsewhere. Is this the plane crash effect?

  6. Timmyson,
    You've got it totally ass-backwards.
    Sid is MY alter ego...

    Frank(Sid) Drackman


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