Thursday, May 20, 2010

Better Said

Above is an appropriate followup to my "Science Speaks" post. Much better than I have or could, it demonstrates the deliberate falsification (or, at best, the credulous ignorance) of the deniers. I particularly like the part in which Fox "news" trumpets the retraction of an article about predicted rise of the ocean, while ignoring the fact that it was retracted because the authors were convinced they'd underestimated the rise. The most-watched cable network. Deliberate liars.

The final minute or so of the video is especially resonant to me: the hatred of science fomented in our society will be our ruin.


  1. Gee Sid, looks like your other commenters have left your little party, can't say I blame em...
    Seriously, the voice of the narrator on your little clip is more irritating than an Anal Fissure, 2 minutes of listenin to that guy and even Bin Laden himself would be singin like FrankieValli and the 4 seasons...
    But I watched the whole thing, wont even charge you my usual $200/hr, and I think you got taken Sid, I followed the URL(I'd explain it to ya but dont know if you got the RAM) and its part of a "Logical Falacies in the Art of Debate" series, or at least it could be, cause I stopped keepin score after StrawMan/SlipperySlope/RedHerring/Argumentum Misiacordian...
    Hat Tip for the "Life of Bryan" clips though, its stuff like that that got us kicked out of Spain,

    OK, it IS rather hot and humid today,


  2. You're right about the other commenters, Frankie. Not sure which one of us drove them away, though.

  3. Frank, some of us have lives that don't consist entirely of trolling other people's blogs.

    Sorry about yours.

  4. Maria,
    some of us have lives that don't consist entirely of trolling other peoples blogs.

    And whats so bad about bein a Troll?? Its not like I'm Black or an Arab, or a BlackArab like the President(Peace be upon Him)
    And howcome you check out MY blog 17 times a day?

    I know, cause its more addicting than Crack,

    Frank, "I put the "T" in Troll" Drackman


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