Thursday, May 20, 2010

Document Dump

Below this one are several posts I've written in the last week or two, not all of them finished. I'll line 'em up and leave 'em while I consider whether it's worth doing any more. Looking around the country and the planet, the most consistent feeling is "Why bother?"


  1. Thanks for the inspiration:

  2. "Why Bother?", because there needs to be sane voices out there. We need to have some respite from insanity. Please keep writing. I've only just found your blog, I'd hate to lose it now. Thanks for what you're doing. Fran

  3. I, too, have just found your blog and greatly appreciate your voice. Please keep blogging.

  4. I feel your Pain Sid, my Dad's goin through the same thing...
    He'll be drivin back from Sam's and have these flashbacks where he's back flyin his B-52D over Hainoi during Linebacker II...
    Gets a little embarassing when he gets lost in the Asian part of town, that "Purple Heart" license plate only gets you out of so many tickets...
    Seriously, Aricept, try it, your country needs you, your readers need you, Mrs. Sid needs you.
    But if you ever wanta sell that Lexus, please let me have first crack.


  5. Acura, Frank. Acura, dammit. 208K miles; starting to burn a little oil. Still runs great, though.

  6. Diffuse your sense of doom?
    Why bother?
    Why not bother?

    There is no 'why' only 'how'.

    Here, allow moi's wee video to show you the fun of doom
    moi'd also suggest a listen to (It's free at his web page) Neil Innes' "The Worst Is Yet To Come."

  7. Sid, Hang in there damn it. Keep it coming. Your writing is an affirmation for me. You have a true voice. You have inspired me too(and I don't inspire easily).


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