Saturday, May 29, 2010

War And Reason

Nice words, from a guy who, according to the RWS™, hates the troops. Actions, though, are more important.

To those who consider the president's absence from Arlington this Monday a figurative middle finger raised to veterans (and I know they are many who see it exactly that way), I'd only ask, in relation to Barack Obama's words above, how they think his actions compare to those of our previous president, in terms of providing for the needs of vets and families.

And if I were predisposed to ranting, I'd also ask: how much better might their care be -- how much better off would our county be in countless ways -- had we all, including those teabaggers professing love of country while demanding an end to "outrageous" taxation (at its lowest point in decades), agreed to a war tax (a gas tax would have been perfect, in several ways, especially if there were a way to moderate it for low income people), starting when it all began and ending when it was over?

But that would have been, you know, reasonable and proper. And it would have required a bit of sacrifice. Not exactly their cup of tea, don't you know.


  1. here you are! Thanks for redirecting me. Yes, I share your viewpoint. Imagine, you are surgeon and a liberal?--I'm so inured and world weary I thought all surgeons are all Republicans. haha Whodathunk...but then you had moomump for an Aunt. Explains a lot. Thanks for the post -- I am bookmarking you. :)

  2. Whats a "Moomump"??? sounds like one of those Harry Potter things.
    And there's lots of Liberal Surgeons, there the ones who control the OR Music/OR Temperature/OR table height/position/ with an Iron-er Fist than Stalin, Mao, and Castro combined...


  3. Nice camera angle. Below eye level. What does that communicate?

    "Low Angle
    This shows the subject from below, giving them the impression of being more powerful or dominant."

    Really--whatever he talks about, it's all about The One.

  4. Welcome back, Blue. I've missed your incisive commentary, relevant and new information, and intelligent representation of your side, engaging with seriousness and a clear sense of contribution in the name of finding solutions. I particularly liked your input regarding the idea of a war tax. It's exactly this sort of vigorous debate, with attention to detail, that characterizes a vibrant democracy, and gives me hope that conservatives are dedicated to governing based on careful attention to issues.

    Oh, and by the way: if you'd actually watched the video, you'd have seen a different camera angle. Not that that's actually an issue of even the most miniscule import. Except, perhaps, to those with nothing useful to say. Not that that would include you, of course.

  5. That followup comment was pathetic, even by your standards, Blue. For saving you the embarrassment, you can thank me later.


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