Monday, May 24, 2010


Viktor Frankl: holocaust survivor and shrink.

I find the clip both inspiring and depressing. Inspiring, because I think he might be right, and I should snap out of it. Depressing, because of how low the bar has been set in America, by such people as Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, teabaggers, and the rest of the screeching right-wingers, who appeal only to our basest selves.


Very, very successfully.


  1. Been on vacation - catching up.

    Just remember, as I have frequently said:

    There are two things that frequently rise to the top - scum and cream - and nature always provides us with a lot more scum than it does cream.

    But, as Frankl reminds us, we do not need to become connoisseurs of scum (Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, teabaggers et. al.

    We need only to insist on being served cream in every position of power that affects our lives.


    P.S.Shame about the pool boy Drekman (PunsBeUponYou)were you "in deep" with him?

  2. I'm in agreement with you b/c I found Frankl's clip to be so inspirational yet with much bittersweet elements to it when applying the message to the present day's socio-political atmosphere.

    What led me to you blog tonight was glimpsing Frankl's name attached as a tag to it via the reader service I use for rss subscriptions. I only very recently discovered Frankl, I mean so recently that I had no idea that he was an m.d. and I hadn't even had a chance to look into his bio yet, until now with the Wiki link provided here. I came across a couple of quotes attributed to him in a book I was reading and it was only b/c of those that made a mental note to look into the guy further...eventually. lol

    He seems like such a fascinating man though and I just wanted to say how happy I was to see the clip and learn that I may find more on youtube. Also I'd no idea he was a Holocaust survivor, that definitely adds a much more intriguing 'spin' on some of the words he later wrote or stated. Fascinating.

  3. Ahh Sid, quit tryin to tie that Hangmans know with 3-0 chromic, Russian Roulette's much more exciting...
    Ironic, that you use the "T-Word" in the same sentence whining about lowering of standards, watta ya gonna do? can't get my dad to stop usin that N-word either...
    and did you notice Dr. Frankl looks like Dr. Strangeglove?? maybe thats why he was so depressed...

    Frank, "Don't Worry Be Happy" Drackman


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