Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dumb And Deaf

Can these guy hear themselves? I mean, if I were to say something one day, and then the complete opposite the next, I think I'd feel compelled to acknowledge it in some way. "Well, yeah, yesterday I said the earth revolves around the sun. Today, when I point out that it's the sun that revolves around the earth, what I mean is that what I meant yesterday was that I don't mean it and never did. Yesterday's gone. Never happened. So don't be bringing it up." Or maybe, "Okay, let's just be frank (or Frank?): I'll say whatever I damn please to oppose this president, and if it's a one-eighty from what I said when there was another president, who cares? It's politics, okay? I have no beliefs. I only have power plays. Okay? Okay."

For those with shorter memories, or even less consistency than John Cornyn, it was mere months ago that Rs were claiming that understanding the law's effect on people (something we might call "empathy") was irrelevant. Bad, in fact. Not to mention, of course, that a couple of years ago they (this guy, in fact) were also proclaiming Harriet Myers' lack of judicial experience was a good thing. Funny how that works, huh?

Now, I've always proposed a pox on both their houses; Congressional Ds most certainly aren't above switching when the winds change. But has it ever been so pervasive and reflexive? Have we ever seen a party, virtually in unison, disclaim every single principle (using the word extremely loosely) the minute their party lost power? Without so much as blinking? Seriously. When Nancy Pelosi is on shaky ground she flaps like a flag. To me, it means she has the remnants of a conscience. Not these guys. They must have been born lying. Not the flicker of a flinch. For them, hypocrisy, like glycolysis, is chemical.

Our federal legislators are not a generally impressive group. But these Rs? Beyond pathetic, beyond respect. And way far beyond interested in actual governance.

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