Monday, January 26, 2015

Miss Universe

I'm told the Miss Universe pageant was this past weekend and that the above is the winner's acceptance speech.

Seriously, if anyone can listen to the whole thing without wondering when the fk John McCain will admit his mistake (probably right after he admits war isn't the answer to everything), or, for that matter, without puking on his/her shoes, I'd like to meet them. Or maybe not.

And as awful and embarrassing as that salad of words was, I'd bet she thinks she knocked it out of the cornfield; and that the audience did, too.

If she were to run for president, it would only be based on the calculation that she'd lose after raising tons of money and getting lots of spotlight time. Because that's what she's about. There's nothing I'm more certain of than that she doesn't want to BE president, because that would require a lot of work. And learning stuff. Two things to which she's as adverse as Patriots are to inflated footballs.

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