Saturday, January 3, 2015

Party Lines

Yet another thing, along with acceptance of global warming, belief in evolution, and concern for the less fortunate that splits along party lines, but shouldn't. Especially, with regard to the above, when one party claims extra special relationship with and direct connection to Jesus.

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  1. It reminds me of the people that said "Let him die" and cheered during the debates...The "Republican" debates to be exact.

    Like I say, Stupid, ignorant, hateful or any combination of the three. There's no other explanation. The Teahadists pander to hate, stupidity and ignorance, especially at election time. They know their audience. I'll give em' that. How else do you explain a crowd cheering and saying "Let him die"(for not having health insurance.) Then make getting rid of millions of Americans health coverage priority 1 by attempting to kill Obamacare like 50 times, and closing Planned Parenthood clinics etc. and how do you explain Caribou Barbie (aka: Sarah Palin)? People pay to hear her rants. There's only 3 ways to explain it.


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