Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tom Tomorrow

Entire cartoon here.


  1. In the cartoon spirit...I present to you brothers from a different mother...

    Look at the picture of Paul Ryan...


    Now go here and see if you can see a resemblance...


    And of course...Some meems...We all know it's the Mitt and Paul show next election right?


  2. I'm hoping the amusement will be greater than the depression, but I doubt it.

  3. I agree, this crap ain't funny no more.

  4. Oy, that second panel. Tonight on Bill Maher, actor and foreign policy expert Josh Gad claimed that no moderate Muslims had spoken out about the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

    The other two panelists, author Wes Moore, who's a former Special Assistant to Condi Rice and allegedly an expert on Iraq and Afghanistan, and Josh Barro of the NY Times, did not question that assertion. I don't think I have to tell you that neither did Bill Maher.


  5. I saw that, too, Pieter, and had the same reaction. Not to mention Maher's conversation with Atul Gawande, in which he repeated his claim about vaccines being ineffective and didn't listen to or accept Gawande's response.

    I like Bill Maher, but, like most everyone else, I guess, he has some major lacunae in his thought processes.


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