Saturday, January 3, 2015

Smart Guy

The full NPR interview with President Obama isn't (yet) embeddable; but it can be seen here. It's worth the time. Haters still gonna hate, but it's hard to deny he's a thoughful, intelligent man capable of layered thinking. It's also an example of a good interviewer, maybe even a rarer bird than a smart president. Starting with the previous administration, anyway.

And I think it's entirely fair to say that an interview of this depth is unimaginable with George W. Bush.


  1. Probably the most important thing he said was that the Democrats did a really crappy job of advertising all the accomplishments. The Democrats basically tried as hard as they could to distance themselves from Obama in many cases. They have supposedly learned their lessen. The next election will be very interesting.

    You have on one hand a tangible positive difference in alot of voters lives. Wanting better healthcare for all at an affordable price. Then expends all energy towards making that happen on behalf of 10's of millions of people/voters quality of life every single minute of every single day.

    Then on the other side we have "Deny Obama a second term" "Repeal Obamacare" and "Keystone XL Pipeline" especially. Republicans will tell anyone who will listen. That if Obama took even a single breath the Repubvillans did not endorse 100%, then everything else(immigration especially)that followed was a no deal automatically and 100% teahadist shut the GOV. down gridlock. Mitch McConnell already said the XL pipeline was "The first order of business". Is that really the most important thing? The American jobs act was a no go, but 2000 jobs for 3ish years then maybe 20ish permanent jobs (no jobs for American workers, it'll be 19 Canadians and an American to Canadian translator is the only permanent jobs when the project is done.

    The FOXism has penetrated the imaginations of old white people. You may never convince them that they are voting against their own interests. Ignorant, stupid or hateful or any combo of the 3. That's it unfortunately. It's the truth and the truth hurts and I don't beat around the bush. Only those 3 things fuels Red State type voters. All other perspective is based on those 3 unconditional facts.

    How effing hard is it to sell the Democratic brand? It is not difficult at all. The Dems. simply didn't do it. The Democrats didn't advertise their strengths and spend 90% of their money and time doing something else. Here's hoping they actually run on their record.


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