Friday, January 9, 2015

As Ye Reap

From the NYTimes:
An unusual method for producing antibiotics may help solve an urgent global problem: the rise in infections that resist treatment with commonly used drugs, and the lack of new antibiotics to replace ones that no longer work.
The method, which extracts drugs from bacteria that live in dirt, has yielded a powerful new antibiotic, researchers reported in the journal Nature on Wednesday. The new drug, teixobactin, was tested in mice and easily cured severe infections, with no side effects...

And, way at the end, this:
The research was paid for by the National Institutes of Health and the German government (some co-authors work at the University of Bonn). 
Which is ominous, in view of this:
House of Representatives Budget Chairman, Paul Ryan (R-WI), released a 10-yearspending plan on Tuesday. The plan claims to balance the federal budget within the next 10 years, through deep cuts of roughly $4.6 trillion, which is more than the entire federal budget for FY 2012. The plan imposes extreme cuts to non-defense discretionary programs, which include line-items such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Head Start, education, and air traffic control. 
Republican economics could, quite literally, be the death of us all.

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  1. I think all these terrorists should stop talking about how charity will be the stop gap to starvation, health and shelter. These cuts will affect only the poor, elderly and disabled period. If anyone thinks that the 5 Trillion in cuts today won't soon be 6.5 trillion, then 8 trillion...and so on until not a single business owner ...I mean "creator" ever pays a single dime in taxes again. Will only need to pay minimum wage(a law which will be vaporized so "job creators" can pay anything they want in wages and benefits. Pocketing the rest for themselves AKA "Job Creator".) If "The Creator"...I mean "job creator" slipped. If the "Job creator" is making record profits, paying -3% taxes, and getting major concessions from the labor force due to "hard times" for the company. Hard times = record profits for those at Exxon and Boeing etc...Especially banks and their twisted sisters, brothers and cousins with whom they do business(robo loans). Then all "job creators" get bailed out by the tax payers who are now making practically nothing in a "right to work for less" state...or China. Give us what we want (record breaking tax cuts while reaping record profits) or the pink slips will fall like confetti, your brother or sister and total strangers will walk over that "layed off" employees dead carcass w/o hesitation for 50% of the wage that now dead carcass made and be thankful they did. Because, yunno, finding any job, or any breath of Gods oxygen you breath is because of Gods blessing on you and anyone else who breaths Gods air. By the way...Gods air and water tases and smells like crap and hurts my kids lungs and mysterious rashes form. In my opinion...God is one cruel twisted "holy ghost".

    How about this plan to save 4 trillion + over the next decade. The defense dept. Homeland security and congressional wages etc. are funded through charity and everything else be funded by tax payer dollars. That we do the opposite of socializing loses and privatizing gains to cut the budget. Then we can invest in Americas future and fund 4 year college for anyone that wants it. Heath care for every citizen? No problem at all. Low low low interest loans to tax payers to by homes, cars, and yes, start their own businesses.

    I could go on and on but if even the dimmest person can not see. Then writing a book is a waste of time. You don't have to have even passed remedial math to see the who and how of it all. The fact that 49% of the population can't critically think and vote against their own interests every election scares the crap outta me.


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