Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Truth In Labeling

Hey, it's not as if they haven't argued in court (and won) for their right to lie.


  1. Yeah, FOX fought like hell to get that ruling.

    Funny how these John Birch crazies never mention lying as a 1st amendment right they fought for and received. (I use the words "fought for" loosely. I actually "fought" as a U.S. Marine.) The Teabillies spilled coffee on their tie and voted by remote mail it in kind of "fought". They pick and choose what parts of what amendments they want to distort. They claim FOX to be the bastion of truth and wisdom. They shout "Lame stream media" is nothing but propaganda on every single "lame stream media" organisations outlet.

    The crazies shout "Over 5 million viewers" to falsely add to their supposedly credible defense against those that disagree with even the smallest detail.

    First of all, almost everyone thought the Earth was flat at one point in time as well.

    Second, if we are to believe the right wing intellectual heavies, and for this example we will believe them. FOX is the only place on the tube you can get the "Real" truth, right? So instead of dozens of choices, FOX zombies all flock to their one and only echoing Polish firing squad surrounded, bizarre and twisted oasis of "real" truth...all 5+ million of them.

    On the other hand we have the vast majority of people AKA: "squishy Boko Haram lovin' liberals." getting their news from dozens of actual news outlets. That means that it's virtually impossible to match FOX viewership numbers because we have just FOX on an ivory pillar blessed by God on one side, and every other news organization on the other side. I repeat, this is what all the intellectual heavies on the "wrong"(i'm having a hard time calling them "right" at this point)have been shouting for a decade+, right? Their station is the only truth you'll find and we have 5+ million viewers that says we "wrong wing nuts" are right and the "Lame stream media" AKA: every other news agency that's not FOX, distorts the truth to increase their viewership totals. That same FOX person will then tell you "the real numbers" which are always the right numbers and oddly also supports the FOX guy spewing "the real numbers". Wanna talk unemployment? We got numbers, but they pull "real numbers" out of thin air. Wanna debate economy? You guessed it! There are a set of numbers, then there are "actual numbers". Why is this you ask? (If you have to ask after reading all of this, you might be a FOX zombie). Why is it you only hear "real numbers" on one station? Because it's a massive liberal conspiracy that needs a "second amendment solution"...That's why. AKA: "twisted thinking"

    FOX demographics are old white dudes with old white ladies being the second most represented. But we can't bring it up even though FOX brings it up 24/7. Of course, there are Nielsen ratings numbers, and of course, the "real numbers" on FOX. Basically, only white people and "token" watch FOX. That's representative of "real America"...Right?...or is it a Polish firing squad on the FOX zombies echoing oasis of "real numbers" kind of supreme race America? I'm of the opinion that America is a melting pot. But what do I know? I am not a melting pot expert. I'll wait for a melting pot expert to weigh in IE: Elizabeth Hasslebeck.


  2. I found this and thought it would even things out.

    I present to you the youngest, and I'd argue, the most sophisticated generation and their well educated analysis of FOX...If you are a FOX zombie, this would be a good time to grab a beer, load your gun and clean it.


  3. I saw that. Gives one a little hope, I suppose.


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